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What excites me the most about applying makeup is how and with what tool I’m applying it! Brushes are my thing! I have a massive collection of them & I still buy them when I see one that worths trying! Some of them are just too cute to stay in the store! Basically they army guilty pleasure! A good brush is essential! It will serve you for years & it will make your life 100% better when applying makeup! To help you find the perfect brushes I listed all my favorites which you will be surprised how budget friendly they are! Most of them I have  been using for more than 3-4 years & they are still in a perfect condition! So i would suggest spending a bit more because you will get the bang for your buck! Here are some of my favorites & what I personally use it for.

January 4, 2017

Foundation Brushes

Sometimes I like to use a huge buffer brush for a faster application and for mostly sheer foundations.
The flat brushes are perfect for painting the face and then buffing it with beauty blender.


Concealer Brushes

I mainly use beauty blender to blend the concealer. I use brush when applying color correction cancelers.

Liquid Bronzer or liquid contour brush

Powder Bronzer & contour brush

Heavy Contour brush

Nose countour brush

 Blush brush

Powder  brush

Highlighter Brush

Eye Shadow brush


Flat lid brush

Crease Brush

Smudge Brush

Can be used on lash line or under eye.

Eyeliner & brow Brushes


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