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Dear NoteBlair,

Spring is finally here!!!! This past weekend I was cleaning out my closet (I do this every season) & I was organizing my spring wardrobe. I’m so in love with pastel colors, beautiful sky & most importantly the long days! We all know by now that I’m a natural kinda gal! All pastel colors make me so excited! Spring fashion is the best! The light colors makes me so happy & of course excited for Easter! This spring there are lot of staple trends that are happening & of course I had to share it with you all! I hope after reading this post you will be excited to change up your wardrobe as well.


Embroidered Shirts

Embroidered clothes has been in season since sinter & they are slowly transition into spring! What represents Spring better than flower blossom! It gives a nice touch to a very simple shirt & represents the spring better than anything!


Not only this year, but every year stripes comes out in spring! This year specifically blue stripes are so much in!

Β Light jackets

We still have nights that are a bit chilly. I generally think jackets are the best layering pierce! Denim is also so in this spring so a great way to keep warm at night you can add a denim jacket with patches or a chic cape.

Light Sweaters

If you want to skip the jacket & wear a light jumper go with a soft pink or blush instead of the wintery dark colors.


Spring is when the white comes out! everything white is the BEST dress code for spring!

Loafer & Sneakers

I never thought I would be the person suggestion loafers! When you think deep they are the best kind of shoes you can wear in spring until it’s time to year sandals.Sneakers are also very in this spring! try to go with a pastel color!


With all the natural, blush and light colors for your outfit I think we should go bold with our handbag for that pop of color!
The patched & Embroidered handbags add ton of color to the outfit.


Best accessories for summer are sunglasses and scarfs!








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