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Dear Noteblair,

I don’t know where time is going, it seems like I have less of it now a days! after few days of skipping makeup & showing up in public with bare face(not that there is anything wrong with that) I showed up to a meeting that I was the only one who was not wearing wearing…& funny enough I do this for living! 

I decided that I will train myself on waking up early to be able to do my makeup, however that failed. after few weeks of trial & error I came across products that works perfectly for everyday wear, have multiply usage & it helps me get ready faster! 

I spend the majority of my makeup time on perfecting skin.  After doing my skincare, I will go in with a product that has SPF & is tinted. I usually don’ wear a thick layer of foundation. It is so much harder to perfect a foundation look so I go with a CC cream or sometimes tinted SPF.  IT COSMETICS CC is one of my favorites. It has a very buildable & flawless coverage & most importantly since it is oil free I don’t have to put too much time on setting the face. Then I will go in with a concealer and just hit under eyes to brighten them. If there are spots I need to cover I usually do it with concealer. 

I like products that I can  use for multiply purposes, like bronzer, I will go in with my CHANEL bronzer & bronze up my cheekbones, forehead & jaw line & also use it as a shadow. If I need to contour in details I will use the Lilia B bronzer to cantor my nose. It has 2 color bronzer in one pan so it makes it perfect to contour and set the cream bronzer. I also use it as a shadow. 

Personally not a huge fan of blush but it makes your face look more alive. So I found blushes that look so pretty on my skin tone without being too colory-if you know what I mean! Milani luminoso blush & Charlotte Tilbury blush first love are my two favorites. 

Now highlight…I’m at this point embarrassed to even say it but you know…nothing will ever replace my Laura Geller in gilded honey highlighter. It is the MOST beautiful highlighter. Hit above the brows, tip of the nose & cheekbones & you are GOLDEN. 

I know I spend so much time on skin, It is what you see the most when looking at someone. So for eyes I will litterly do only mascara & sometimes I will do brown pencil in my waterline. I don’t fuss over my brows either, so a quick gel comb is a way to go!

For lips I always use something nourishing. The Laneige lip sleeping mask is nourishing & it looks like the most beautiful lip glosses. Line lips with Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk liner & then apply a thin layer of the masks & you are ready to conquer the world. 





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