About Me


Dear Note Blair

I don’t know when my love for fashion & beauty started. Was it when Carrie Bradshaw was getting ready in her closet or when I was watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s or when Blair Waldorf was shopping on 5th avenue? Buying every single Vogue magazine and reading it like my life depended on it! I don’t know when it happened but it made me who I am today! As much as I love going through magazines and getting inspired by them, what impresses me the most is personal style! Style that can speak for itself! I always wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin. Being a plus size girl in this world that every corner you turn skinniest models are on runway or on billboards it’s a struggle feeling happy the way you are. (At least I struggled with it) I started this blog for many reasons. People always keep asking me “where did you get that item?” Or “How did you style that I would have never done that” or lots of “how to’s” and “what should I buy” My friends and family always encouraged me to share what I know. It can help many people! Along the way I learned how to accept myself and love myself. I learned being overweight is not the worst thing that happened to me. I’m healthy and happy and that should be celebrated. That’s what Note Blair is about. A happy, positive place for all of us to share our love for fashion & beauty. I named my blog NoteBlair because I wanted it to be more like a diary that I share with the world.