Dear Noteblair, 

I was talking to one of my girl friends about how she noticed my beauty sponge is softer than hers…Well me being me I already knew where is she going wrong but like I was at a state of shock because I assumed everyone by now nows this…anyway long story short after she gave me a min heart attack she told me she is using her beauty sponge dry…That conversation carried on for hours & then it made me think of all the little things I do during the day that maybe not many people know about it! So here are some beauty that make my life easer! If you have a trick that works for you please let us know.

  1. Use beauty sponge wet. Just run it through tab and squeeze it few times. then take a napkin and squeeze it with napkin so all the excess water comes out before using.
  2. Use loose powder when tanning on your dry areas or areas that have a fold. Like hands, wrist, feet, ankles, back of the knee & elbow.
  3. Skincare goes on face, neck, Décolleté & also back of hands.
  4. Use sunscreen not only on face but hands as well. Specially if you driver a lot or get gel manicures. Protects your hands from uv light.
  5. Skip washing your hair & you best friend for this is dry shampoo. Apply dry shampoo at night and then by morning it is absorbed and your hair looks fresh.
  6. Sleep on your back to avoid wrinkle on on your face & chest.(one of JLO’s skincare tips )
  7. Use aquaphor on pimples to avoid the scabbing process. It heals skin super quick. (Spot treat not all over face)
  8. Apply body lotion & skincare when skin is wet. it acts as an sponge at absorbs product better.
  9. Use perfume on wet hair. You hair will smell lovely for days.
  10. Use bronzer as an eyeshadow in your crease or all over your eyes with a big blending brush.
  11. Create your lip or body scrub at home. Mix brow sugar or salt with coconut oil or Vitamin E !
  12. Use SPF as a body glow. (Scott barnes, JLO’s make up artist does this) specially on Décolleté area.
  13. Use cold under eye gels, sheet mask & rose quartz roller to depuff & wake the skin up.
  14. Shave your face! I love using these raiser from Sephora. skincare absorbs better & make up looks smoother.
  15. Use body oil to remove your body tan easier.
  16. Vitamin C needs to be the first step of your skincare & it needs to absorb fully before you apply the next product.
  17. Use silk pillowcase. It is amazing for your hair & skin!
  18. Crest whitening strips are lifesaver. Prefer them over professional whitening or even the trays with gel.
  19. For a Facial at home use Drunk elephants baby facial! works like magic!
  20. For salon smooth hair use Olaplex # 3 + L’Oréal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water. Makes hair smooth, soft & more manageable.
  21. To avoid caky under eye use under eye highlighter instead of concealer. My favorite one is from MAC.
  22. Avoid make up transfer by setting your face by CT setting powder and then at the end setting your face with CT setting spray.

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