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Dear NoteBlair,

I was lucky enough to attend beauty con LA with Sephora this year! It was my first experience  to be invited! If you are a makeup lover then it is your heaven! Beside my outfit that I got lot’s of questions, here is just a few tips on how to have a successful beautycon experience.

  • Arrive early- I REALLY MEAN THIS
    The line is so long that if you do not have your wristband you will be waiting for hours just to get in!
  • Wear comfortable shoes
    Not only you have to wait outside just to get in,every single booth has the longest line to get in or for the meet & greet! I know we all want to look cute but trust me when I say the lines are LONG!
  • Spend more time on brands that do not have a store near you or are online only
    Some of my favorites brand have items that I never get to try because they are all online. Beautycon is a great place to try out all the items that you never get to see or try in stores.
  • Shop smart
    Just because it’s there don’t buy it! If you willies it buy it…There are so many booths and brands and excitement that will suck you in into buying items that you don’t even use! so be smart about it!


& finally here is what I wore.

Thank you again to Sephora for the great experience.

August 12, 2017



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