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Dear NoteBlair,

I remember many years ago thinking about I wish there was a website I could put pictures of my daily outfits or share my thoughts…At the time no one was calling them #OOTD or blogging! or at least I was not aware of it. Now here we are…8 years later and I have that website-NOTEBLAIR!

When I came across the word blogging I was not in a right place in my life-moving from another country to US-working a boring job that I hated every day-not having many friends-being socially awkward and most importantly not believing in myself made me dream about blogging instead of actually doing it!

I remembered every time I would come across an amazing blogger I wished I had their confidence, I wished I had their beauty and I wished I had their BLOGGER LIFE!

I even tried opening up a website and putting  up some pictures but I was not promoting it, I was not talking to anyone about it! I guess it was not the right time! At the time I would think to myself who would want to read what you have to say? who carries what you are wearing? who carries what you are loving? My negative thoughts and not having confidence made me just close the website and forgot about it!

My life was losing it’s meaning-no goals, no wish list-nothing would excite me and nothing was important enough! But I would DREAM! Dream of moving to NYC-Dream of visiting Paris-Dream of meeting my Celebrity crushes-Dream of having a blog -Dream of being SUCCESSFUL & HAPPY.

One day I woke up & it seemed like something happened in me! I decided from that day to do everything for me and focous on EVERYTHING I wanted to accomplish in my life! There was this battle between my head and heart! I was scared of failing but who isn’t? ! I pushed myself to think positive and just Do it!!! If you fail at least you tried! I had a great support & encouragement from everyone around me & whoever was not happy didn’t matter! My life started turning the way I was focusing on-Got invited to an event hosted by Kim Kardashian West, walking on Manhattan streets, visiting Eiffel tower, Shopping in Saint Tropez &…. all of this just proved me if you DREAM it you can DO it!

On June 23rd 2016 NoteBlair was born!

I didn’t care who would judge my plus size body, I love myself and however I am! I stopped being SCARED! being scared of who will say what! I focused on Great instead of GOOD- I focused on ME instead of other people approvals- I turned my wish list into reality.

Noteblair is my own personal diary! It’s a place for me to write my thoughts, share my style, write what my life is about.

Why was this whole ramble for? I just wanted YOU to know:

You are great

You are amazing

You are beautiful

& you deserve the life you are dreaming about.

I just want you to be inspired-to not give up on your dreams-if I was able to do it YOU will too!

I’m nowhere near where I want to be but I couldn’t be happier- I’m exactly where I belong! I will do everything in my power to reach every single goal-If I fail its okay I will try again & again!

Be thankful of what you have but never satisfied!



October 18, 2016


Jacket: Jacket: Missguided Plus Size Faux Leather Cropped Biker Jacket Black 

Shoes: Boohoo Lois two part block heels

Jeans: CR Plus Size Cello Cropped Skinny Jeans




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