| DIY Thursday- How to make an exfoliating salt scrub |

Dear Noteblair,

Yesterday I took a poll over on Instagram to see if you guys will be interested in homemade beauty products. & 96% of you guys said yes!!! I’m so excited to share this new series over here. 

For the first DYI I’m sharing one of my favorite, most used, easy to make beauty products. 

I use scrubs at least once a week, specially if you self tan like I do you need to use a scrub to get rid of dead skin & also to remove the remaining tan. I do use a lot of it so one bottle only goes for 2-3 times of use. 

I came across many formulas to make it at home and this one has been the most effective, easy & extremely nourishing. I looked up to see what are my fav scrubs made out of & almost 99% of them were made out of salt. You can use brown sugar as well, however I like how pink salt does a better job. 

what you need 

♡ Pink himalayan salt
♡ Liquid Coconut oil
♡ Rose beauty oil
♡  Jar to store it

How to make it

take a big bowl & add in 1 cup of pink salt, if the grains are too big, for sure grind it. I get one from world market that has big and small pieces in it. I deficiency grind it once so it is smaller. Add 2 table spoon of coconut oil, I would highly recommend, melt the coconut oil if you are using a cold press ones. mix them up well & then go in with your essential oil of choice. i personally love rose oil but whatever you want you can use, just make sure it if skincare oil. i do excessive amount of oil because salt is harsher than sugar and it can be drying, so I add extra oil(about 10-20 drops) so make sure it has enough oil. If you don’t have a beauty oil don’t even worry add any oil you have in the kitchen! They all work. Rose oil is mostly for the smell and also it has nourishing benefits as well. 

If you are storing it, highly recommend storing it in a glass jar & use it within 2-3 weeks after making. since these are natural products, they might separate if stores, just mix the jar before using. I sometimes go a little crazy and add a thick layer of vitamin E as well, specially during winter that my ski is super dry. 

If your skin feels oily after using the scrub don’t worry. It is the oil working. Let it sit there for 1-2 minutes and then rinse off. after shower your skin might not even need a lotion. 

That is it! It was super easy right? Probably you already have all of these essentials at home. It is super inexpensive to make & it is actually more effective because you are using natural ingredients.


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