Dear Noteblair,

Beauty routine is something I truly enjoy doing on daily base! Even tho it my look like I take my sweet time getting ready but in reality I do bare minimum on daily, however my steps are efficient in making me look presentable. I usually get ready between 20-30 minutes including taking a showers. So here is my daily routines that are quick & efficient.

Take daily showers
It’s just a habit! Even if I took a shower the night before I still will take a shower in the morning. I also workout in the mornings so a shower is a must! I don’t wash my hair every day so I will only take a quick body shower & apply my daily body moisturizer to refresh my skin.

Weekly tanning routine
This is a weekly treatment that always makes me feel good & look good in skirts or dresses! I love having a tan both on my face & body. It just gives me the extra boost of confidence. Specifically when I have a tan on my face it always makes me look more alive & glowy & its fantastic for no make up days! Here is my face and body tanning routine.

Set you make up
I don’t have time to reapply my makeup so I for sure make sure to set my makeup so it lasts all day. I love using the CR powder. It is not like any other powder you have ever tried . It is lightweight yet it works! Also at the end of my make up I like using the CT setting spray! Literally your make up is not going anywhere when you mist this on your face!

Get dressed
& I don’t mean get fully dressed like you are going to a red carpet event( I mean you do you) but like get out of your PJ! Wear a matching set loungewear. Jeans with Tee or a simple dress! But get out of your PJ even if you are not living the house! will help you be productive beside looking presentable!

Never skip your skincare
I could skip make up but never skincare! Make sure skin is hydrated & glowy! You are halfway done! I use Summerfriday moisturizer & CC me serum in the morning. If I’m going with a no make up look I will only use my By Terry CC serum in sunny flash, add mascara & that is it! By Terry CC serum has the most beautiful glow & adds such a nice color to the face.

Refresh you hair daily
Dry shampoo is my BFF for life. I wash my hair once a week but I don’t like it when my hair shows it has been washed a week before!! So on daily on make sure to brush it & apply dry shampoo! Don’t go heavy handed with dry shampoo. just a little on your routes & brush it out. I adda little hair oil to the ends & then style it. If you don’t like oil you can use dry conditioner as well. A bun or braid is a great way to go if your hair is out of control! Get creative!

Have a weekly routine for your nails
Another weekly routine that makes me look good on daily bases! I’m sure you noticed it by now that I always have polish on! It is just something I can’t skip! You don’t always need to have a polish on but tidy hands are vry important! I get my nails done every other week. I don’t do manicures. Only gel polish & I ask them to push my cuticles back.

Make sure you smell good
A shower on daily is a must for me! but also smelling fab is a must! I always apply perfume even if I’m not going anywhere. Makes me feel good & also it is always nice to smell fab for people around you! It shows you put effort into getting yourself ready for the day!

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