Dear Noteblair,

Getting ready in the mornings used to be so difficult for me, one I didn’t know what to use, & two didn’t know how to use my products. Fast forward to now, I get ready in the mornings in less that 15 minutes. With the line of the job I am in, I’m in front of camera almost the entire day. I don’t go for heavy makeup looks on daily, however I want to look good & put together.

For My base I love using a tinted moisturizer. It is hydrating , looks glowy, it also covers any imperfections that I would want to cover. To add a little bit more luminosity I add a pump of By Terry CC serum. This step is not essential but I have noticed how much smoother my skin looks. If you would want something heaver but not foundation, the It cosmetics CC creams have a coverage of a foundation with skincare benefits.
I stopped using concealer a while back & that has been the best decision I have ever made in my makeup world. Concealer is thick & it often can look caky. I would highly recommend going in with a lighter product, like the MAC highlighter or, YSL has a similar one as well. It brightens, covers & it is super lightweight.
For bronzer, I’ve been using Chanel bronzer for years. It is the most beautiful bronzy shade & the texture is supper smooth. I use this as an eyeshadow as well just to add a little contour to the eye.
Next, curl your lashes & add mascara. Been really loving the Lash paradise mascara by L’Oréal. It is dark, thickening & adds length as well & the major plus is that by end of the day you won’t see mascara under your eyes.
I have microbaleded eyebrows. However my tail is almost gone, so I use Revlon eyebrow pencil to fill it in roughly & brush them up.
For lips I go for something hydrating. Either the summer Friday balm or the Carins lip oil.
Keep in mind, less is more when going for a no makeup look. Invest in products that are easy to work & your process will be cut down to half.

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