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Dear Noteblair,

Last weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday at home with a girls brunch. I wanted to create a sit down brunch so kinda had to deal with lot of details. Since the brunch was around 12, I created a breakfast and lunch kinda menu. Details are what makes all the difference & you know me! Details are my thing… Here is how to through a brunch party for any occasion that you are celebrating. 

The bubbly bar

Cute ice cubs:Since I’m a rose girl so I created ice cubs that had rose inside. I did this many times and finally learned how to do it more easily.

  • Use a large cube ice tray-my fav here
  • boil the water 2 times and let it cool down. 
  • fill the water half way of the cube and put your flower of the choice in the cubs. 
  • put it in fridge and leave it for 1-2 hours. 
  • then fill out the remaining of the tray. the reason I don’t fill it all the way is because the flower comes on the surface. like this you can keep the flower exactly in the middle of the cube. & the reason why I boil the water is because it makes the cube looks more clear. 

Juice Ice: I got a mold from amazon that was in the shape of rose. instead of water I put orange and tropical juice in it. they look cute and you can just add that to any champagne and make a cold mimosa that looks cute as well. 

Create mimosa bar: Get yourself a clear simple bucket and 2 cute jars for juices. fill the bucket with the cute ice cubs & fill out the jars with juice. you can even label them or use a chalk board like I did. 

Get labels for drinks: I got 30th birthday related stickers for the the wines & champagnes. It the little details that count. 

Tea & coffee is a must:I absolutely  love coffee and tea so next to mimosa I got matchy pots for coffee & tea & the cutest saucer . Keeps it warm, looks cute & we all have that one friend who doesn’t drink 🙂 

The food table

In order to cater for many peoples needs, I wanted variety of food in smaller portions. So we had some breakfast bits & also sandwiches that was more towards lunch. I didn’t make everything at home because i believe in time is money & didn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. Ordered most the sandwiches from Portos bakery. I will write the menu here. 

  • Cheese board: Get few styles of cheese that you like, add few crackers and veggies.
  • Sandwiches: I ordered few balls, croissant sandwich & pastrami sandwich all from Porto’s bakery
  • Fruits: instead of just putting them in the bowl I created a glass for each person. Mixed of melons, berries & peaches. I also added this small cons full of cherry. peach and green apple. 
  • Granola and yogurt: a breakfast must have-used a small dessert disposable cups. a little granola, yogurt & topped it off with fruits. 
  • Pancakes: I got mini pancakes, stacked 3, added berries & sugar powder and wallah. my tip would be not add the syrup and just put it next to it.
  • Waffles: They are so hard to make so I ordered them from my fav waffle place, waffle jack. They come with the best toppings and extras on the side.
  • Lavash rolls: Got them ready from costco. they always a hit since they are so easy to eat & delicious.
  • Avocado on toast: Every ones loves avocado, add everything but the bagel seasoning and you are golden. Spread few toast around it some cherry tomatoes. 
  • Eggs: few boiled eggs can add decoration and also it is perfect option for breakfast menu.
  • Smoked salmon: saw the everything but the bagel one at Trader joes so I had to make it. the recipe I used was, cream chesse, lemon juice & dill. mixed it all in, spread on regular bagel, add the salmon, add red onions and dill for decoration. they were a hit!
    Pastry basket: even tho there was cake, I wanted few traditional sweets there.
  • I filled the table with different kinds of fruits, nuts, crackers, dolma & vegetables. used small wooden bowel for jam, honey & syrup. 
  • Cake: ordered a naked cake from Roobinas cake. My fav cake shop.


Table set up

I love the look of long table so I tried to work with the space and managed to fit in everyone in one table setting. 
I rented the plates, cups & glasses.i used Shiraz rental & couldn’t recommend them enough.  It was so easy to do since you don’t have to wash them in order to return. The place cards I ordered from Etsy. I wanted the patters of the plates to show so went with clear plates from amazon. The utensils were from amazon as well & they were disposable. I couldn’t believe how good quality they were. my guests were so impressed. The jars I got all of them from Homegoods & decorated them with hydrangeas because they get full faster. 


My wall decoration was from amazon. it was very well made & everyone loved it. The cake stand was from Home goods. The balloons & the garland of the balloon was from amazon as well. I didn’t want a regular white ribbon. the garland added a nice touch to the big round balloons.  For the food table I got small chalk boards so it was easier for people to know what their choices are. 






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