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Dear NoteBlair,

What better time to write about new goals & motivation than the beginning of the year! It’s that time of the year that we set goals & resolutions for the new year…But lets be real by end of January we either give up or we just simply forget about them…I wanted to share few tips with you that will help you to stay motivated for whatever goal you want to achieve this year.

When setting your goals be realistic. Don’t set goals that are not in your power! Your goals should be all about you doing something to reach it. When you set a goal that you are not in charge of it, for example getting a promotion at work, you might set yourself for failure. Set smaller goals that will help you get a promotion, for example, work harder, be more brave, be productive at work, be more creative!

If your goals are big, break it down! Don’t set yourself for something impossible within few weeks! Give yourself enough time & set smaller goals for reaching the main goal. for example if you want to loose weight, set a weekly goal and those weekly goals combined will help you achieve your main big goal.

Make a list of all your goals & have a plan on reaching one by one! Focus on one thing at a time and when you achieve it move on to the next one! Accomplishing one goal is such a rewarding feeling that it motivates you for your future plans.

Another important goal setting rule is to put goals in your list that are your goals. Ask yourself why you want to achieve that goal and make sure you are doing it for yourself and you are doing it for the right reasons. When the goal is personal & is for your own good, it is less likely to fail and you will feel motivated for longer.

Don’t make a big deal about your goals. Have a positive attitude about it. You will only make it harder to achieve it if you look at it as an impossible or a hard thing to do. I’m queen of motivational quotes or even small cards that have a beautiful message! I have a folder full of beautiful & meaningful quotes that every time I feel like I need that extra push I always go back to it and read those quotes! I also love getting cards that have a beautiful saying on them! I either give it to friends or sometimes(most of the times lol) I keep it for myself to read it when I need to feel more positive.

Be very specific about making goals, don’t sept up a general goal. Make a list of all the detail work that needs to be done for you achieving that goal. If your goal is to loose weight, break down what are your steps for achieving it!

And if you are so confused and not sure what do you want your resolution or goal to be I found this list on Pinterest that I will attach it for you. It is one of my favorite lists to go through & it motivates me to come up with goals that are personal to me.

Visual your goals, believe in yourself & keep yourself accountable. Life happens and sometimes you fall of the wagon but be your own biggest cheerleader & jump back on your road of success. Tell yourself YOU CAN DO IT.

I hope this will help you to stay motivated and achieve your goals for this year. Also I listed my favorite stationary items that are cute & also help me stay motivated!

January 16, 2018





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