| Must have masks |

Dear NoteBlair,

It’s Sunday self care & what better way to take care of yourself than a bath & face mask.

I never had a perfect skin..Either it was acne, pores & now its my rosacea! As I started getting older I wanted less makeup & more of my natural features! With that being said I started paying more attention to my skin. I tried A LOT of mask to help certain issues of my skin and it came down to few of my favorites that I can’t leave without!

I now take mask sessions very seriously! I usually make it my priority to do a detoxifying mask, hydration mask & purify mask at least once a week.

here are all of my favorite masks that I use in rotation. Every single mask works for my skin & improved my skin. I listed my high end & drugstore together because in my opinion they work the same!

May 20, 2018



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