| NoteBlair is 1 years old |

Dear NoteBlair,

I can’t believe 365 days has past from lunching my first ever blog…I remember I was so nervous to hit the publish button! At the time I had barely 100 followers on Instagram I was so nervous to see their reaction!(which most of them were my closest friends & family members)

After I hit the publish button I checked the blog 100 times to see if anyone read it! I couldn’t sleep that night. I was so excited & nervous that all I could think was how this will turn out!

A year Later…more experienced, more confident & no regrets!

I’m so thankful for all of you…your comments, messages & likes are the reason I’m eager to write! Knowing that I can inspire you to be happy in your own skin is my biggest goal! The pure reason that NoteBlair was born is to inspire everyone to be confident & feel pretty.

To many more years to come…

June,23 2017

photo credit: Aris Megerdichian (IG: Ris.photography)

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