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Dear Noteblair,

I know…I know it is extra but trust me it is very efficient & we are all about efficiently here. I first heard about skincare fridge from Lauryn at skinny confidential. If you guys don’t know her where have you been?! She is as obsessed with skincare as I am & even more she has an amazing podcast that I learned a ton from & pass it on to you guys. 

Long story short I started using cold skincare ever since I found out that I have rosacea. cold skincare was an amazing source to calm my rosacea down and even more it felt amazing over my flare up. started using jade rollers and rose quartz rollers and for depuffing I used to put them in our actual fridge and after a while they would smell like garlic or other foods which lets be real no one wants to sniff in garlic at 6AM. Few years in now I have a fully stacked skincare fridge with all the items-mostly morning skincare & masks. Now I have the cutest pink skin fridge to store all my beauty products that I use on a daily right next to my vanity!

Why cold skincare

In the morning my face is very puffy. I usually get 6 hours of sleep and my wake up call is at 6AM. I want to depuff as soon as possible to be able to wear makeup if i am wearing makeup that day. even if i’m not wearing makeup I need something to wake me up so cold skincare is amazing for that. one of the other best aspects is that it calms my rosacea & feels amazing on my skin. 

What I keep in my skin fridge

Facial tools
You know my obsession with messaging my face. After being consistent with it for few months I saw a huge benefit on how my skincare were sinking in and how it contoured my face. I love using cold rose quartz roller or gua sha specially in the mornings to depuff my under eyes & face. 

Watermelon Sleep Mask
One of my newer face mask I started using. I use it end of the day instead of moisturizer and got to bed with it. It is a very light formula so it is breathable. 

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask
If it is allure best of beauty then it is amazing. & it is one of the best masks I used. I normally don’t leave it on overnight but i always wear it before wearing makeup for the whole day. on special occasions I always put this on an hour before doing makeup. it helps the makeup to blend better skin looks amazing after using it. 

Sheet masks
I mostly use sheet masks in the morning and again with the depuffing I love a cold hydrating sheet mask. If you want to be extra go over it with a cold rose quartz roller. It will push the product in your skin & also it with be double depuffing. 

Eye gels
It is one of the best and most refreshing things to use a cold eye gels underneath the eyes before makeup. Concealer goes on so much better and less cakyness happening during the day. 

Eye drop
I stare at screen for 8-9 hours of my day-which is a lot!!! I use tons of eye drops to make sure my eyes are not dehydrated. I love when a cold eye drops go into your eyes. refreshes and trust me the effect is double. It gets rid of the redness as well. 

Summer Friday masks
It is no secret how obsessed I am with jet lag mask and the new R+R mask. I absolutely love both of them & they are both kind of masks that I see results every time I use them. I started keeping the jet lag mask in the fridge so in the mornings I apply it as a primer under my eyes. It is pure magic for skin. & now I use R+R cold because it is just refreshing. 

Beauty Elixir 
Recently started using this underneath my makeup as an refreshing spray through out the day. my skin feels so good after this spray & obviously the coldness is so refreshing specially on hot summer days. 

GLOW RECIPE Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer
My current favorite moisturizer for the morning time. I usually don’t wash my face in the mornings, I know gross but when you do such a long skincare at night I don’t want to take it away in the morning. I just add layers on top of each other without cleansing my fave. this formula is perfect for that. It is light , effective & smells amazing. 


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