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Dear NoteBlair,

What makes a great outfit, a fab one I think are the accessories paired with it! what accessories better than shoes! The simplest outfits can look chic and fabulous by adding an statement pair of shoes! Besides that, do we even need a reason to be obsessed with shoes?
I often come across beautiful shoes that do not come in Wide with range, or are really pretty but wearing them is a real struggle!
On an everyday basis, I like to be comfortable yet chic! My office outfit is usually something simple so I like to wear a statement shoes to make the outfit more fab.
Since trying  SAS shoes, I have been obsessed about how comfortable they are! From the heels to flats they have some amazing styles that will fit your style.
My favorites are this Gray flats. They are definitely an statement pair with the unique texture of the shoes. the ribbon on top is my favorite. It adds an more modern look to the shoes. Keep in mind that the shoes come in all sizes & Medium or wide width as well!
Having an style being on trend doesn’t have to be painful! Shoes that are comfortable and still look chic and modern are the best investments in my book!
“Thank you SAS Shoes for the complimentary shoes” I love them!

SAS shoes IG: @SASshoemakers
SAS shoes Facebook: @SAS.Shoemakers

June 05, 2018






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