|THE JEWELRY BRANDS I Love & Wear everyday|

One of the most popular questions I get on regular bases is about my jewelry collection. I do my best to share details daily over on my Instagram (bling highlight), but I figured rounding up my favorite brands here would be helpful.

My main focus when I’m buying jewelry is not only how pretty it looks, but also I pay a lot of attention to quality. You will never catch me wearing pieces that will turns my skin green or tarnish if I shower in them. Some of the pieces in my collection are real gold & the reason I invested in them is because they are timeless pieces that I know I will wear year after year. As for fun & trendy pieces I don’t mind buying the more affordable version as I constantly switch them up.

I had to start with a store that I own most of the items if not everything. This is my sister’s jewelry store & I’m a huge fan of the pieces she brings in. She truly has a vision for quality & unique pieces that are super affordable.

Her pieces are statement yet so classy & chic. They always have new launches & the quality is exceptional henc the price range.

My favorite store on amazon. Their price range is amazing & they have such a large collection of necklaces, earrings, rings & bracelets. I never had a piece from them that tarnished.

Another brand that I adore & love, not only it is my cousins store but because she has the most beautiful pearl pieces. She also has the most beautiful Armenian initial necklace that is a great layering piece.

Their earring collection is my absolutely amazing. Some pieces give a vintage vibe that I haven’t seen in any other brand. They have some amazing statement necklaces as well.

An Armenian owned brand that I have so man favorites from them. My favorite tennis necklace, tennis bracelet, diamond ring & anklet is from them. Besides the amazing jewelery, they have a beautiful & unique collection of watches as well.

They have the most stunning & unique stud earrings. They are 14k gold so they are a bit pricy, however they will last you a lifetime. Their earrings are ball back so super comfortable to sleep with them. I only take them out once every couple of months to clean them.

One of my dearest friends, Argineh is the owner & the designer of ArgiDaneli. She is insanely talented & her pieces are so unique. Every single piece is handmade & you can very visibly see how much love & effort she puts in creating every single piece.

I absolutely love this store for all the customization you can do. They have so many different name & initial necklaces & bracelets. They are the perfect special gift. Also I love their watch collection. My everyday watch is from them.

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