Dear Noteblair,

I think we all got so good at doing our own beauty treatments at home at this point. However, even before covid there were beauty routines that I would never miss out on. Life gets so busy & this routines keep my self care in check so I always feel like me! This beauty treatments help me feel put together at all times even when I don’t have time to do my hair or make up.

Nail appointment
Every other Thursday I get a gel polish change. (Now with covid I do it myself ) and every 4 week I add a pedicure appointment. Nail polish to me is one of the beauty treatments that makes anyone look put together. Even if you don’t wear a colored polish go for a manicure & a shine.

Self tanning
In the past 3 years I became obsessed with self tanning. For years I laid under the sun for hours ,even went to tanning beds & trust me I cringe as I’m typing this! I’m one of those people who look so unwell when they are super pale so I always like to have a glowy tan on. I apply a dark mousse every week & mid week I apply my purity tanning mousse that has a beautiful glow & a super natural color.

I don’t get professional facials currently so once a week I do a steam session & a deep cleansing mask to cleanse my pores. I go in with a R+F pore cleansing device that is technically a vacuums for pores. It helps me get rid of bumps & black heads on my nose. And obviously steaming the face helps hydrate & open up the pores for a deeper clean. At the end to finish things up I apply a sheet mask for hydration & nourishment.

Removing facial hair
It’s no secret I love going in with a facial razor to get rid of all the peach fuzz & dead skin. Skincare sinks in better & as a result makeup sits smoother as well. My personal favorite razor is the SC collection razors. The handle is metal & the razor is pretty sharp.

Hair Treatment
After my weight loss my hair quality & texture changes a lot & it has been my mission to bring my hair back to normal. Not only I struggle with hair loss I struggle with breakage as well. I have been using Olaplex treatment at home for over a year now at it transformed my hair. My hair is more manageable less frizzy & it just feels smoother. I prefer to use it overnight & wash my hair in the morning & if you are looking for a quicker in shower kind of treatment, I recently came across the Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil hair mask & it has been working fantastic for my hair. It makes my hair silky smooth.

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