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Dear Noteblair,

If you are anything like me, you would be extremely interested in knowing what do people carry with them all day long! It is interesting to see how different people have a list of items that they don’t leave the house without! My every day bag items changes with the season but I have some essentials that regardless of the season I MUST have them with me at all times…I listed all the items that I have & also linked the exact items that I carry.



December, 11 2016

What’s in my Bag?

Purse: My current favorite purse is surprisingly small but it fits everything I need.

| HERE |

Phone: I have the iPhone 6S rose gold

| HERE |

Phone Case: I love a good selfie so lighting is everything. I use the LuMee case in white Marble  so my lighting can be on point.

| HERE |

Make up bag: I usually keep my makeup & little things that get lost in purse & my feminine products in here.

| HERE |

Hand Mirror: I have the runniest eyes, specially in cold weather so I always need a mirror to make sure I don’t look like a panda.

| HERE |

Pressed powder: I think we all get oily by end of the day & there is nothing worst that when your glow turns into oil.

| HERE |

Nude Lipstick: You can never go wrong with a nude lip. I have lots of favorites but I usually go for these.

| HERE in Bombshell | HERE in Abu Dhabi | HERE in Trap |

Lip Balm: one in car, one in purse, one in office, many at home! still not enough!


Hand Sanitizer: I’m obsessed with clean hands & them smelling nice so I ALWAY have to use sanitizer.

| HERE |

Hand Cream: I have the driest skin, so I always need some sort of hand cream with me.

    | HERE |HERE |

Feminine products: Because sometimes you forget when it’s that time of the year.

 | HERE | HERE |

Hair Tie: I usually have my hair down but When I get crazy busy I always need my hair up.

| HERE |

Wallet: I never have cash on me but I have the most gigantic valet for absolutely no reason.

|similar  HERE |

Pen: Out of now where a idea for blog will come to mind & I love to be prepared to write it down.

  | HERE |

Agenda: I’m huge on planning my week & writing lists & ideas. EVERYTHIG I have is in this book.

  | HERE |

Antibacterial hand wipes: I religiously use them! Either I’m at a photo shoot or lunch break I always need one!

| HERE |


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