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Dear Noteblair,

one of the most asked questions I get either in person or social is where I get my jewelries from. Sometimes I get more questions on the jewelry than the outfit i’m wearing & this is exactly why I’m so obsessed with jewelry. 

Iran & Dubai

As you may or may not know I was born & raised in Iran. My family travels a lot to Iran and since the gold over there is 18k & the design are so beautiful I get most of my jewelry from Iran or Dubai. My items from Dubai are 22K gold so I look at it as an investment too. usually I can custom make the items from Iran so I have some items that the I will send in the design I want and they will make it for me. i would highly recommend using a custom service if you want one of a kind items.


Can you honestly say you are surprised?  buy half of my life from Asos and it is no surprise I love their jewelry collection. the Asos own collection is trendy,  very affordable & for the price they have an excellent quality. Not only their own collection but Asos carries some of my favorite brands like, Astrid & Miyu , Shashi & Ted baker. 


If you are looking for a high quality & real gold items this is your store! One of my favorite stores for quality & unique items. They have a beautiful selection of necklaces, bracelet & rings. Their dainty necklaces are so beautiful for layering. My favorite heart ring that I get tons of question on it is from this store. All the items are very well made & they are so chic. 

La perla home

My best friend & I were coming home from a movie night & she randomly said let’s go to this store, at first I was like nah then she insisted on going & oh my god! what a beautiful store. they have tons of home wear and at the back they have the most beautiful & unique jewelry collection. They have from crystals to gold. They are affordable  & very well made! Most of my Evil eye jewelry is from them. 


They have the most amazing, unique, one of a kind items. They do custom made as well which are made so high quality. My favorite Armenian alphabet necklace is from them & also the ring that I wear every day is from them. They have so many timeless styles, from girly girl items to amazing jewelry for men. another major advantage of this store is that they do have real gold items which I always highly recommend investing in. 


Trendy & affordable items that will change up your look. My favorite items from them are the layering necklaces that are so in right now. they have from chunky to dainty items. 


You all know I’m obsessed with piercing my ears & I can’t stop! I get most of my dainty and flat back earnings from Mejuri. They are an amazing quality and since I leave it overnight I want it to be comfortable henc I go for the flat back ones. also they have a 14K gold collection that I go for since I shower in mine. 







  1. Sarah K
    September 16, 2019 / 9:14 AM

    That stacked hearts ring is so amazing – I love how simple it looks! Thanks for all the great tips on where to start building my own collection!

    • blair
      September 20, 2019 / 5:00 PM

      of course lovely.

      Glad you enjoyed it

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