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Dear Noteblair,

If you are an skincare junkie like I am you will LOVE this post! Every day of my life I’m trying to find the next best thing & very rarely I come across products or tools that actually work!!! but sometimes there are products and tools that literally change  my skincare game.

Started dermarolling few months back but since it is not a regular tool I wanted to test it for a long time before sharing it. 
I got it professionally done(MicroNeedling)  the first time which is a bit different from the products that you can use at home. it is more painful, as the needles are larger. but it is obviously more effective. 

Since it costs a lot to get a professionally done I started using it at home. It is not difficult or painful at home however there are some VERY important aspects you need to consider before using it. 

Now lets get to details…

What is a dermaroller?

It is is a tool that creates micro pathways in the skin for product to better penetrate. depending on the needle size ( 0.1 to 0.2mm ) is not necessary the best for collagen but it opens up pathways for skin to absorb the products better. When the needle is larger, like 0.5mm then it creates tiny pricks around the skin & gives enough space in between so the wound healing response takes over. You grow new skin. That, in turn, leads to a smoother, more even, and plumper complexion.


  • Reduces fine and deep wrinkles
    One of the main microneedling benefits is its stimulation of growth of collagen & elastin, which both are the key to new, youthful-looking skin.  “To treat wrinkles, a needle length no greater than 1.5-mm should be used.”says Dr. Shah says.
  •  Repairs visible scars, pigmentation & sun damage 
    One of the main reasons I personally started using it was for the scares on my chin left from previous acne. by creating collagen and product penetrating better my serums were more effective & scares got brighter and brighter.For this micro needle of 1.5-mm is recommended but start with small needs then work your way up. 

  • Reduces Pore Size
    Again by producing collagen, it can shrink size of pores which I absolutely love the result for this aspect. I have larger pores on my nose and cheeks and this has been working wonders on my skin. 

  • Good for rosacea
    It improves skins  texture, skin tone and color. This is because when you are doing the derma roller, it tricks the body thinking that an injury has occurred such as a cut or a burn, & the body automatically starts the healing process by activating collagen production. as a result it reduces the redness and texture of the rosacea area of the skin. Make sure you choose the correct size needle for To avoid damaging your skin more. people with rosacea already have damaged skin so please read the table below before purchasing the dermaroller. 

How to use:

Disinfect your roller: Disinfect your derma roller by letting it soak in alcohol for approximately 5 to 10 minute. 

Wash your face: wash your face with a gentle pH-balanced cleanser. If you’re using a derma roller with needles longer than 0.5 mm, you’ll also need to wipe down your face with alcohol before the rolling process.

How to roll:  It is not difficult but you have to do it write to not damage your skin. Section your face to small areas. I do forehead, cheeks, nose , lips and chin.

I personally apply serum when using it. My favorite serum is clarins’ double serum because it is a rich serum. it has all the necessary indigence. 

Start with one area and try to roll 6-7 times the same area. Do not roll backwards at all. Roll lift and roll again. Roll in one directions. After rolling in one direction, it’s time to go back over the area you just rolled and repeat the process in the perpendicular direction. For example, say you finished rolling across your forehead vertically, now would be the time to go back and repeat that entire process horizontally.

 After you are done rolling wash your face with water only & continue with your normal skincare. i will highly advise doing this at night so your skin can rest and not be under the sun or outside pollution. 

REMINDER: Wash & disinfect roller before and after each use. 

Here is a chart on how often you need to use it and what needle is the best for your needs. *




*information on this chart is gathered from
http://dermarollerinfo.com/ & https://www.healthline.com 





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