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Dear Noteblair,

Not that you need a special event to do this mini at home facial but I love doing this when I have a special event to go to. This past weekend was my cousins wedding & if you know anything about Armenian weddings, they start with a 6 AM hair & makeup session & they end with a 4 AM omelet session. 
I need my makeup to look flawless for literally 24 hours & since I will be dancing all night & probably too many shots will be involved I won’t have time to touch up a lot. So basically my skincare game needs to be next level, same as my makeup! 

I love taking care of my skin on daily bases, however when it comes to special events I like to take care of my skin even more. celebrities get up to 3 facials when they are walking a red carpet, why shouldn’t we?!!

As much as I love a good facial, I love taking care of my own skin more! It is a self care moment that i truly enjoy. Light a candle, make a mint tea, watch your favorite show & disconnect from world and DO YOU

Before starting the facial, if I’m not going to eat or drink anything I will pop on my teeth whitening strips. I absolutely love at home whitening, they are less painful, takes no time & super easy & effective. 

Now onto facial…

Start by washing your face with you favorite cleanser. Make sure all your makeup is off of your face. Then I like to steam my face. steaming has some amazing benefits for skin. Opens up your pores & loosens any buildup of dirt for a deeper cleanse. Also helps blackheads to be removed easier. Promotes circulation, it is hydrating & promotes collagen and elastin. I use my steamer for about 15-20 minutes. When I was younger I used to open hot water, close the sink & put a towel on my head so the steam would be trapped & I would steam my face like that. I still use this technique when traveling, It’s free, easy & get’s the job done. 

After the first 10 minutes, I like to go in and start removing blackheads. Be very careful to not push too hard, it will leave a scar. Sometimes if the blackhead is too stubborn wait longer for it to loosen up by steam. I focus on my nose and cheek area as my larger pores are on that area. You will be surprised what comes out of your pores. 

After steaming, while my face is still damped I apply a deep cleansing mask. One of the best masks that I cannot recommend enough is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Facial Treatment. It is the most affordable & effective masks. personally I love adding apple cider vinegar instead of water. It cleanses pores like no other. 

My pores are now open, and they have been cleaned out so I go in for a mini exfoliation with Summer Friday R+R mask. It is hydrating and exfoliating at the same. leaves skin feeling so refreshed & soft. 

Hydration is the last step in my mini facial. Either sheet mask or cream mask. Depending on the day I switch it up. I will link my favorite masks that I’m sure you all saw me using time after time. Sometimes I apply oil instead of any mask. at the end I will go in with my Facial roller to push the product gently in into my skin & increase circulation of blood. 

Apply your lip treatment and then wallah you are done. 






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