| 7 Spring essentials for your wardrobe |

Dear Noteblair,

I know shopping & styling can be a little overwhelming sometimes, however you have the basics then creating different looks will be so much easier. What I saw the most on the runway and magazines for this spring was a lot of transparent items, specially shoes & bags. Tons of lavender. Tie-dye is making a comeback. polka dots are huge specially in black and white. As of design, tons of ruffles, bows and square necklines. Having this trends in mind I listed 7 items that are MUST HAVE for Spring 2019 to help you refresh your wardrobe based on the recent trends.

1.Denim Jacket

The most used item during spring is a denim jacket! We officially are reaching a point where it’s too hot for sweater but too cold for a T-shirt! denim jackets are essential in wardrobe specially in spring. You can add it on top of a shirt or a dress!

2. Midi Dress

Show a little bit of skin but not too much! Midi dresses are perfect for spring. The ruffly and flowy dresses are very much on trend currently.

3. White pants/denim

White denim can be scary when you are a curvy girl but I premise you if you find the right pair you will be obsessed. They are just so easy to style & so versatile. If you are into smart wear suits are very much on trend currently.

4. Small Handbag

Not so much into fanny packs but I see them everywhere! My ideal handbag for spring is something bright & compact! It just goes with the flowy dress and denim jacket so much better. Cross body bags are my favorites! Another obsession I have is with transparent bags. Love putting the small bag inside the transparent bag for a pop of color.

5. Booties

The most used shoes during spring’s are booties. Most counties still have the cold weather & the rain. you can never go wrong with a cute pair of booties.

6. Basic Tops

Spring is usually T-shirt time for me! However I have been seeing tons of white tank tops all over the runway. a basic T-shirt or tank can perfectly be paired with the denim jacket.

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses is always a vibe for me but specially spring is the perfect time to bring them out. Sunglasses give the look a complete mood and are perfect accessories for spring.

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