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Dear NoteBlair,

Ever since becoming a skincare junkie for the past year I started appreciating showing off my natural skin and features more and more compared to wearing a heavy layer of foundation everyday! Don’t get me wrong I will forever love a contoured face with the biggest lashes & blinding highlight but on a daily I love when my skin can breathe & let’s be real I’m too lazy for a full beat face at 6AM. 

After trying millions of products I narrowed down to my top favorite products that helps me feel put together without trying hard & without using many products. 

Starting with skin which is my favorite part, I try to do my jade roller every morning as soon as I wake up! here is Why I’m obsessed ! I don’t wash my face with cleanser in the mornings. I just use a cotton pad and a hydrating toner as a cleanser. while I’m making my coffee or checking my phone I use my facial roller to take away all the puffiness. Keeping the roller in freezer helps to wake up the skin specially around the eyes.




My morning skincare is very much focused on brightening products. I added a brightening cream and serum to my morning skincare recently & I love it! Normally I use Guerlain youth watery oil for my roller specially during colder months my skin needs all the hydration.

After jade roller I apply the brightening cream from The ordinary which is targeted to brighten skin tone and even out skin texture. Then I go in with favorite caffeinated SPF moisturizer that no matter shine or rain I apply. I won’t leave the house without a sun screen and since most of them break me out I have been obsessed  with this caffeinated sunscreen moisturizer. It doesn’t beak me out , It is 2 in 1 (sunscreen & moisturizer) & it works great for protecting my skin since I have rosacea and sun is my worst enemy. The main product that makes me go without foundation is the ByTerry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum that has the most beautiful tint ! I started using this because of Lydia & ever since I’m a new women!! I use it sunny flash so it adds a stunning glow to the skin! This changed my whole skin care in the morning! 


 What the CC serum is: “BY TERRY Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum provides an instant boost in radiance with a subtle veil of light-reflective pearl pigments that blur imperfections and evenly tone skin. Designed specifically for dull and dehydrated skin, this brightening serum neutralizes redness and counteracts discoloration to gradually lighten pigmentation and restore balance to your complexion. ” 



After applying this I jump to my eyebrows . I got my eyebrows micro bladed so I don’t do anything to it in terms of filling in but my eyebrow hairs go crazy during the day so just with an eyebrow gel I comb them so they stay put. Honestly any eyebrow gel will do. 

Naturally I don’t have dark circles-I don’t know how since I have the worst sleeping schedule- however I LOVE bright under eyes. I add the tiniest amount of Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector in the corners and a lightly under my eyes just to make me look more awake. To add a bit of dimension I use my Chanel tan de soleil bronzer & just a light wash on my check bones , jaw line and little bit I add on my eyelids with whatever is left on the brush. My favorite brush to use this bronzer with is the real technique expert face brush. Been using it for years , works like a dream!

I currently have lash extensions which are LIFE SAVERS when you have busy lifestyle but I know it can be a bit pricey! If I didn’t have my lash extension I’m obsessed with  L’Oreal Voluminous Curved Brush Mascara. 

I don’t wear lipstick on no makeup days. my favorite product on the lips is the Clarins tinted lip oils. Keeps the lips moisturizer and have the most beautiful tint.

Wallah!!! you are done & you  look FAB! Now have an awesome day & concur everything an anything that is in your mind! 




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