Dear Noteblair,

It is no secret that skincare is a huge part of my beauty routine. With summer here & showing more skin I came across products that work like magic & here they are.

St. Tropez Tanning products
I have been self tanning for a pretty long time & I have no idea why it took me so long to try the St. Tropez products. They are the easiest to apply with looking extremely natural. without any patchiness. It has the most beautiful color pay off & most importantly it fades like a dream.

Gló exfoliating gloves
I’m sure by now everyone knows how obsessed I am with Lydia…but if you have been leaving under the rock Lydia is basically my life guru. She is the ultimate tanning queen & she came out with her own tanning kit. This glove is nothing like I have ever tried before. All the other gloves I used needed and physical exfoliator to get the job done. but this one didn’t need any just a shower gel & it removed all my tan!

Bio oil
One of the resent purchases of mine that works so fantastic for hydration. The #1 reason I started using it was becaue it was recoomended by so many people for scaring & strech marks. I get brused & scares on my legs so easy so this was an essetal.Also I have been getting lot of strech marks because of the weight loss so I was hoping this can help with that too. (I have to note that there is nothing wrong with having them.It is all about how you fill inside about yourself)

Brazilian Bum bum cream
How did I not tried this sooner?!How!This is the thing that I honestly gets me so annoyed sometimes that I find a product that I love & I just stop looking for a replacement lol This cream is one of the best most luxurious & hydrating body creams I have tried. It literally smells heavenly & you can smell it on you all day long in a very subtle & nice way. This cream has firming properties as well. I can’t yet comment on that since it has been around 3 weeks I’m using it however I can see my skin texture being smoother compared to a month ago. (the best duo for hydration is mixing few drops of the bio oil in this and put it all over your body! It is insane how soft my skin is the next day )

Olay body wash
Another heavenly smell body wash that literally I feel like I’m showering in one of those other showers in Bali. It is so nourishing & makes my skin super soft. Since it has a really nourishing & softening effect I even use it as a shaving cream. Try it & thank me later.

Soap & glory breakfast scrub
Sometimes, & I really mean sometimes, my tan goes wrong when trying new product or When I didn’t put the right effort into it! In order to remove my tan I use this & been using this scrub for years. It works great for around my wrist when I want to remove just a little extra tan. It is fantastic for removing the dead skin as well.

Revive Body Brush
Just recently got into dry brushing, again for firming & more blood simulation of the skin. I got a couple from amazon but I was not very happy with the quality of them. This one came with great reviews & I know now why. It is a fantastic brush for fry brushing. It is firm but gentle, the handle is so nice & you have full control over it.I sometimes use it with oil but try to do it dry for the best result. Dry brushing also helps with removing the dead skin for smoother skin.

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