Not sure about you but I think not many people give January a fair chance of being one of the best months of the year

Everyone all over the world talks about how cold it is, how they are not motivated yet feel the pressure to change things up, no one knows what to wear or do…
Opposite to most people I always look forward to January as it is a new beginning! I have always been a fan of fresh starts. So in case you are doing through a depressive episode (I know a very heavy word but you get what I mean) here are few ways that help me truly enjoy the winter blues & making it through Winter in happier state.

Get as much daylight as you can
There is nothing more soothing than fresh air & rays of sunshine. New habit I adopted is I make my coffee to go & take a walk around the neighborhood. Layering is key to make sure you are warm & I also use these hand warmers & are truly genius.

Make it cozy
Candles, warm drinks, books, heating pad, jazz, fuzzy socks, fire place…anything that will make you feel cozy do it. Romanticize the season!

Plan fun seasonal activities
There are so many unique activities that are special for that season such as snowboarding, winter camping, ice skating, candlelight concerts, spa days…& if noun of this sounds appealing to you create little activities staying home. Make a puzzle, start a new book, start a new tv show, organize your space or if you have been waiting for the perfect time to remodel or finish a project at home now is the time!

Take your vitamins
Specially vitamin D as it helps to absorb calcium & these nutrients are needed to keep bones, teeth & muscles healthy.

Plan dinner parties at home & make it simple
No need to stress yourself out for hosting & make it complicated. The point is to get together & spend a cozy night in. Do a simple wine night, light a candle, play jazz in the background…Make the atmosphere as cozy as possible! Few fun activities you can do on your own or with a group of people is to make a vision board, make candles, painting, calligraphy…

Sleep at least for 7-8 hours every day
It is so important to get enough sleep for your mental & physical health. Also it is so important to stick to a sleep schedule every single night. Have a set bedtime & wake up time & try to stick to it at least 5x a week. you will see a major deference in your mood & overall well being.

Create small series of things to do like a project
It can be organizing, remodeling, reading, painting, take a class online…Something that you look forward to do that not only keeps you busy on daily bases but also helps your mental health as well.

Go on daily adventures or book a staycation
It can be a day trip or an exciting overnight stay. The goal is to be active & get out of a boring routine that can make you feel down.

Hydrate your skin & fake tan
During the winter months our skin is so dry & it needs extra attention. Have you ever gone through your summer pictures & you “think” you looked prettier then. Well seasonal uglies is kinda a thing…Hear me out! Tan is faded, skin is rougher so let’s just simply bring that back. I use extra hydrating skincare products along the side of using oil all over my body during the colder months. If you are not a fan of body oil, this in shower moisturizer is amazing!Have an everything shower once a week & if you are into self tanners, take it to the next level & apply fake tan! This already makes me feel 10x better!

Wear Cozy & comfortable outfits
Now is the time to get yourself some nice & chic looking loungewear that not only you can wear it while you are home, you can also wear it with your long coat when you are running errands or even when you are meeting up with your friends. For around the house this HM sweatpants & hoodies are life savers! They are soft, cozy & great quality! If you are looking for more elevated loungewear Haven well within has some amazing cashmere sets that are extremely chic, keep you warm & can be dressed up or down.

These are just little things that help me romanticize the winter months until Spring rollers over. I think each season is unique in it’s own way & if you dedicate a bit of time planning out your seasonal activities you can enjoy Winter as much as Summer.

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