| Celebrating My Best Friends Birthday |

Dear NoteBlair,

Yesterday we celebrate my best friends 28th birthday at Malibu wines. It was a beautiful & memorable day. I wanted to share this day with you all not only for how gorgeous it was but also to send a message.

I have known Shelia & Tara  since I was 5 years old. We have been trough it all together. I speeded the happiest days of my life with them & we stood by each others side in time of need. Love, respect & support has been always what we stood by & it made our bound stronger than ever. Keep friends by your side that will lift you up, that they will stand by your side even when you make mistakes! Nothing will ever come close to what we have.

Happiest Birthday to my two best friends that I call them my sisters! I love you both very much!

April, 2 2017

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