It is that time of the year! Where you want to reset everything in life & kinda start fresh. Pick things up where you left off or even close some chapters to make space for new things…I look forward to writing this blog pretty much entire December! It is interesting feeling actually, part of me wants to delay Christmas to come & another part of me is counting the days until I can sit down with a glass of pinot noir, Love actually in the background & write this post. By writing this blog & making my vision board I feel like it paves the way on what I need to focus on & pay the most attention to.
I have always been against new year, new me! I worked hard to get myself to where I am today & I don’t want to create a new me! However there is always room for improvement & bettering ourselves. So I love to call it new year, better me! Last year for me was a year of learning & involving…A lot from my vision board came true(to an extend) & I was able to work on most of my intentions from last year. This year I want to focus more on managing my life better & expand my goals. I shared a short list of ins & outs over on my instagram, however I wanted to explain them more in depth here.

+ Learn more: I want to focus more on learning new things, such as expanding my vocabulary, learning a new skill (pottery) & learn a lot more about history!

+Go on more adventures: Besides traveling more, learning & seeing different cultures, I would love to do experience life more. Either thats by learning how to ride a horse, or try car racing…I’m a very basic human when it comes to adventures & trying new things but I would love to widen my horizon a bit more this year.

+ Farmer’s market Sunday’s: a very small change however I have always wanted to be that girl & this year instead of coffee in bed until noon on Sunday’s we are heading to farmer’s market!

+ Spending less: This can be in anything! food, shopping, skincare &…I’m the first one to admit that I’m an impulse shopper & that needs to chnage this year. no matter how small or big a purchase is, it adds up & this year I need to know exactly where my money is going & be a lot smarter about it! I’m actually doing no spend January & I’m planning on continuing for the entire year. In case you want to know more about it here is a blog post.

+ Save more: in continuation of the previous topic, this year I’m channeling myself to a daily saving challenge along the side of my monthly one! Im doing the 100 days one currently starting January 1st. (You start with $2 and each day you add extra $2)

+ Read more: I’m looking for a fun book club to join that will not only read trendy books, but they will actually read books that are truly phenomenal. You have no idea how many hours & days I waisted on reading trendy books that in my personal opinion was a total waist of time!

+ Jazz all day: Weather I’m cooking, cleaning, working….Jazz is always going to be playing in the background because it just set’s the mood & soothes the soul!

+ Cooking at home: I eat out 3-5x a week and that needs to change! I want to host more dinner parties at home that I will actually cook the entire meal. With that being said I want to cook or bake one new recipe once a Week.

+More skincare less make up: Skincare will always have special place in my heart, however this year I want to focus more on it & heal my skin from within.

+ Create a routine that will work for me & stick to it: this one should be fairly easy because I already do have a set morning & evening routine. I just need to manage my work hours & social life a bit better.

+ Less scrolling more creating: This was actually one of my goals last year & I’m proud to say I did it for the majority of the year. I now have a very curated list of people I follow & I very well manage my time when scrolling through Tiktok! I want to be even more stick this year & not spend hours mindlessly scrolling. I love social media & I truly enjoying being a creator & consumer as long as living in the moment is a priority.

+ Move my body more: I need to bring back my morning coffee walks! I have been feeling a bit lazy recently, with the colder weather & the holiday season I have neglected working out for a while now. I need to make a habit of it & start enjoying it again!

+ Hydration before caffeine: This will be hard as I don’t enjoy drinking water whatsoever! we all know how good water is for us so it is time to adult & drink our water! lol

+ Trust the timing of things: this was a big lesson for me in 2023…that you can’t force things into happening & also you can’t stop them from happening so you better be ready for all the ups & downs! I need to be more open to new things to come in & have the courage to let go of the things that are no longer serving me! Easier said than done but nothing like the present moment to practice this!

I think that’s all! I like to keep the goals simple & attainable, which I feel is the key to achieving them. Happy new years! Wishing you all a happy, healthy, successful & full of love 2024!

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