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Dear NoteBlair,

I have been hearing about Clarisonic for years now, for an unknown reason I never thought It is necessary to even try it. Another reason that I was always hesitant about trying it was that I was  scared it might irritate my skin since I have a very sensitive skin. 

It is nothing like what I thought it will be…It is the best facial cleansing tool I have ever used. 

What is Clarisonic Mia Prima: It is a device for daily cleansing, clinically proven to cleanse skin 6x better than hands alone and remove long-wear makeup 89% better than wipes. 

I have been using it for 3 weeks now & my skin reacts within 24 hours if I eat something that I’m not supposed or use something that doesn’t agree with my skin. The first change in my skin that i noticed was how smoother my skin was. The device is not exfoliation, however when your skin is cleaner and you are using the right serums it reduces the texture in skin!

Not even on the first use it didn’t irritate my skin which surprised me and it is because the new soft start feature allows for easy acclimation to cleansing routines. This automatic setting starts any cleansing mode at 80% power on the first use and will gradually climb to full power after two weeks of use. That is why your skin has time to adjust to the deep cleansing & is not shocked.

The handle is water proof and you can use it in shower! I never use it to clean my makeup. I first remove my makeup separably-read HERE how I remove my makeup- and then I go in with my cleanser and clarisonic for a deep clean. It is designed to spin for 60 sec and it automatically turns off.

My biggest issue with my skin has always been my pores! I can’t get rid of them no matter what I do! Ever since using Clarisonic my pores look noticeably smaller so overall where I have more enlarged pores which is cheeks, nose and chin It noticeably looks smoother.

My favorite cleanser to use it with is the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. It is a very gentle cleanser & without over drying it cleanses the skin. I follow up after cleanser with Dermalogica daily Microfoliant. It is a very gentle exfoliate that doesn’t irritate my rosacea. 

Befoe I forget! The Mia Prima is compatible with all existing cleansing brush heads! Try it & you will love how gentle and effective it is!

October 26, 2018



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