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Dear Noteblair,

I have been very much into decorating & changing things up recently in our home. For some time I was a little loss on what my personal style is so I kept changing it up until I found what I like & also what my family likes. (mostly me tho lol )
My friends and family who saw the before they are all saying it looks like we moved into a completely new place which makes me so happy because if we are being honest it was not very expensive.
I wanted to share with you guys few tips & little things you can change up around your house that won’t break the bank but will also change it up & will look more chic.

Decorative Pillows

They add such a great texture and element to any house. I do not like excessive amount of pillows because lets be realistic, when you have guests over those pillows don’t have anywhere to sit & it just becomes crowded. I wound do 1-2 statement pillows on the largest couch. You can change up the covers every season. They are so much more inexpensive 7 you don’t have to worry about storing the last seasons pillows.

Coffee Table Books

They are essentials! It just makes the house looks chic when there is a Tom ford or channel book siting casually on the coffee able or side table! Make sure you choose a book that has a pretty cover & is in the same tone of your home. if you have a super colorful home make sure the books are muted colors so it doesn’t add too much color & texture. If you have a neutral home, black looks very statement or you can go for a Valentino pink cover that will be a pop of color.

Flowers or Greenery

We all know how much I love fresh flowers! They can be very expensive and some might even say waste of money. I decided to invest in a high quality fake flowers that will look pretty & I can bring them out every season. Adding a greenery can make your home look more homier & warm with a pop of nature. If you are like me & probably can’t take care of plant go for something easy like Bamboo,Money Tree,Peace Lily or maybe even Succulents.

Statement Mirrors

Mirrors opens up your space & makes an area look larger. Beside the great benefit of taking an OOTD you can elevate the look of an blank wall with an statement mirror. Not only it will look good in person, it will look good in your pictures as well. i personally love a big mirror with statement frame of wither gold or vintage looking bright wood. Great place to shop for mirrors is Homegoods & TJmaxxas they always have the best prices.

Coffee table

As much as there are many very expensive versions, there are as many inexpensive ones that look absolutely stunning. I found ours from Amazon, it looks very chic & the quality has been amazing. we have been using it for more than 2 years now & for the price it is really good. If you want to spend a little more I would say go with the end table as well, they add another element & fill up space. Coffee tables with storage are a game changer as well if you need more space.

Bar Cart

We all know I love a good bar cart! specially if you are hosting a lot the bar cart is so essential & also looks super chic. add few chic glasses & a bottle of your fav drink & it adds so much character to your home. also where do you store the bottles when you don’t have a bar cart?I was storing them behind our couch which is not pretty and practical at all.

Decorative Objects

From crystals to vases to hourglass, add an element of texture and color here and there. I love adding little decorative objects on my coffee table, end tables or even on top of fire place.


I mean if you are surprised that candles have their own category we can’t be friends! Candles add so much element & texture to a house, Specially luxury ones. If there is category I would say spend a little more it is this one. beautiful candle jars make the chicest decorative pieces. I absolutely love a black and white jar or an statement gold one.

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