Dear Noteblair,

It has been one of my hardest addictions to quit, yes even harder than my shopping addiction & I can’t even believe I’m writing this post!
Few years back I realized that flawless makeup application has very little to do with how good the foundation is & it has a lot to do with the surface which is <skin> If the base is not good the foundation will never be perfect! So I began carrying for my skin more & more as all of you know by now. Also aging is a real bitch!
With getting so into skincare<like so into it>one thing I was struggling to do was the fact that I kept wearing foundation if I was wearing makeup basically. I found it so odd to not wear foundation, & apply bronzer or blush on bare skin. I tried CC creams like the It cosmetic one & as much as I love the product however it still felt like makeup because it is extremely tick.
No mater how good of skincare you have if the pores are clogged all day long, then it is harder for the skin to absorb the skincare you are putting on. Clogged pores are the worst, skincare is basically wasted because it does not sink in when pores are clogged.
After a long search I finally found a tinted moisturizer that is everything I have been looking for!
It is hydrating, it covers my redness< because rosacea>, it is super lightweight, color selection is really good & most importantly it is the perfect base for adding bronzer and blush-also has SPF of 20. At the beginning it felt a little bit weird because I have tried tinted moisturizers before, and noun of them lived up to the expectation however this one was everything I was looking for. My bronzer and blush sit so beautifully on the skin & I notice when I put powder under my eyes to set the concealer it looks so smooth compared to when I have a foundation on.

I went for an oil free one because I have really large pores & also I always use a super hydrating base, which brings me to my next point!

I have been using the same primers for years now. They just work so I never thought about changing it. While I was shopping for my tinted moisturizer I tried the new Laura Mercier primer< Pure Canvas Primer >on my hand & the texture was absolutely beautiful. Because of rosacea & large pores I have lot of texture so this blurring primer literally gives the most beautiful canvas to work with foundation, tinted moisturizer & on no makeup days sometimes I wear it on its own just to smooth out my skin.

I still wear foundation every once in a while, on a wild night out or if I’m doing a major photo shoot but I have quit wearing it every day or even for every day pictures. My skin texture has improved so much & my pores look smaller.

Hope this products & post help you to quit wearing foundation every day. your skin is beautiful , show it off.

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