Dear Noteblair,

I was talking about my favorite lip balm over on my stories & explaining that I don’t leave the house without it! Few days later I was sharing the wipes that I always have with me because I keep spilling things on me ALL THE TIME! I got so many messages from you guys to share the wipes that I was like let me just share what I carry with me because I’m a hot mess most of the times but you know I like to look put together for the camera & also don’t want to scare my neighbors!
I don’t take a lot with me, I normally carry the smallest bags & The only things I take with me are true essentials!

Normally I pack this based on the lipstick of the day. Most of the times I forget to be honest so I always try to keep my Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk lipstick in my bag. It is creamy & nude to goes with most of my basic makeup looks.

Because you never know when a pimple might decide to show up & also my makeup around my nose rubs off so quickly! My favorite one is the Nars one because it blends beautifully & doesn’t look cakey while it’s super high coverage!<I get the mini one for my purse>

Lip Balm
My lips are dried all the times! Either it’s the weather, dehydration or because I only apply liquid lipstick! I have to have lip balm with me all the times!

Hand Cream
Nothing turns me off more than crusty dry hands! Also my hands have so much extra skin, like why is it aging so fast GOD knows! Also I don’t like getting manicures so my cuticles sometimes look wild! Hand cream keeps my wrinkly hands smooth & my cuticles soft! Recently been loving the rose hand cream from trader joe’s, it’s cute, pink & super hydrating.

I work on my computer and phone a lot<like most of us do> so my eyes are super sensitive to light. Also I would like to hide my face while running into Suzen from high school! sunnies are always a must have!

Shout wipes
When I tell you I spill things on me all the time I really do, from my morning coffee to my foundation! I just accepted this fact & gave up trying!We were going to Disneyland I on a bump I spilled my coffee on my white sweater!<before taking a pictured!!!> My cousin handed me this wipe and it was litterly magic.every since then I have been using this wipes not only on my clothes, but couch, chairs, car seats!

CC + Card Holder
I almost never have cash me unless I’m going to nail salon! My nail tech is even using venmo now a days!<so high tech> I use my card wallet and keep my driver license and CC in there! I don’t like a huge wallet with tons of shit in it that I don’t need on daily bases! (I call this a mom wallet)

Extra battery pack + Camera
I have been so much into vlogging recently & as you know I LOVE to ramble a lot! so I ran out of battery very quick. I always have one or two extra battery packs with me.

& of course phone! Like I don’t even walk around the house without my phone<Just to be real I’m not proud> but obviously a must have!

Keeping them litterly to minimal because I can’t stand chunky keys!

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