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Dear Noteblair,

I either don’t wear makeup or I have a full bit face all day long. On days that I’m wearing makeup it is mostly for long hours. Being in the office going for a shoot & by the time I want to wash it off it is bedtime. I learned a few tricks on how I can keep my makeup stay looking fresh throughout the day & not creasing.

Use a light hand
Every time I watch celebrity makeup artists like Mario or Ariel   I notice how light they work. Either they are doing skin or eyes they do it so smoothly and softly. I was lucky enough to get my make up done by Hrush before & she was bouncing the beauty blender so lightly that the foundation was melting into the skin even tho it was one of the heaviest foundations ever to cover up my rosaea. 

I was never a primer girl…Didn’t see the point! I got a couple in PR packages few year back so I was like let me just try it and OMG! They make the biggest differences. I now use not only one but 2 primers that I’m obsessed with. Use pore filling one around T-zone and a hydrating one all over. It helps the makeup to melt into the skin so much better & also the main reason that makeup does not crease.

Less is more
Apply product little by little. Pilling a lot of foundation on will only make the blending process harder. Take a little bit of product at a time & add more as needed. when I have a lot going on with my face-you know that time of the month-I will still do a light layer of foundation and then i will use a concealer as close to my actual foundation color and spot conceal instead of tick layer of foundation.

Set your makeup
I used to never wear powder because no one likes a cakey face! You need to find the best translucent powder for your skin & apply lightly. My perfected way of applying powder is taking a soft powder brush and lightly pressing the powder on my skin. I don’t over do it because I like a skin like look. I always have to use a setting spray after using any kind of powder to make sure the powder is melted in my skin. the setting powder helps a lot with longevity of makeup as well. I do bake under my eyes with a heavier powder, as soon as I use setting powder it is melted into my skin &looks very smooth.

Hydration is key
Hydrated skin makes the blending and overall look of the skin so much better. If I didn’t get enough water I always make sure to wear a overnight hydrating mask or I apply Summerfridays jet lag mask which can be used under makeup. Throughout the day I try to not touch up my makeup. If it feels dehydrated I just add a hydrating facial spry & very very very lightly go over it with my beauty blender without adding any product.


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