| Timless tweed jackets you need in your wardrobe|

A wardrobe essential that everyone need….

It is that time of the year, were it is boiling hot during the day but chilly in the mornings & breezy at nights. That time of the year that we are still rocking sleeveless dresses & bare legs, however when it is breezy we wish we had something to cover up a bit. That’s when this timeless, chic & classy jackets come in handy. To be honest I don’t wear them only this time of the year, I pretty much wear them all year round because I’m always cold & also I love layering my outfit. Tweed jackets will always remind me of Chanel & how effortlessly chic they are. So if you are like me & you like timeless pieces here are some of my favorites that will not break the bank, yet they are amazing quality & are as chic as a high end ones.

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