Dear Noteblair, 

We all know how much I absolutely love jewelry & I purchase a fare amount of it if not daily but literally weekly bases! I have been at the point that I stacked everything on top of each other & then after a while if the pieces are not real gold they all turn color & tarnish to a point that can’t be used! So after losing many of my favorite items Until I get my beautiful custom made drawers for jewelry (like the ikea ones) I finally found a system that helps with the longevity of my jewelry & also it does not take too much of an space!

Hanging Jewelry Organizer
I don’t know any other way that I can organize my necklaces that they won’t tarnish or get tangled. I specifically love this one because it has a tall bar for the long necklaces. It has enough space to hang all my necklaces without them hanging on top of each other. In the front row I hang my bracelets & watches.

Hanging Jewelry Organizer
You can put any kind of jewelry here but I personally think it is the best way to organize earrings & bracelets. I prefer to put bigger items here. Love that they don’t touch each other & it holds 80 items while taking no space. I hang this in my closet with my clothes.

Stackable Jewelry Tray
One of the best purchases for organizing jewelry. You can have it laid out in a drawer or if you are short on space you can stack them on top of each other. I have them laid out in my jewelry drawer. I love keeping my rings, dainty bracelets & brooches on this trays. It has tons of different compartments for all your jewelry.

Jewelry Box
I love this jewelry box for the amount of compartments it has. It is simple & chic. It does not hold much but it is perfect for everyday jewelry as well as it can be a perfect organizer for rings.

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