Dear Noteblair,

As long as I can remember my adult life, I have been a blondie < Beside that 1 week of extreme emotional rollercoaster that we won’t talk about > so have been through the different phases of a blondie & one thing that always helps me refresh my blond has been toning it at home with purple shampoo.
I know…I know purple shampoo damages the hair but honest truth is, when you decide to go blond you have to be ready for the damages coming…You have to spend the time to take extra care of your hair & invest in some absolutely amazing hair care that will help improve your hair texture because no mater what bleach & heat damage hair. I have a video talking more in depth on what are some of my favorite hair care products, you can check it out here.
Now to toning hair at home, I don’t use this only on my natural hair, I do this even on my extensions! Yes it does work if your extensions are good quality!
I have used a lot purple shampoos…personally not a fan of many of them. specifically i don’t like regular shampoos that are made for blond hair. I think purple shampoo is too aggressive to be in your regular shampoo & washing your hair with it every time, yes it will keep your blond very bright however it damages the hair. So I prefer just a regular purple shampoo…
I have tried a lot of purple or silver shampoos. They either stain my hair, smell bad, are not strong enough or too strong. Until I saw this at target.

This $10 purple shampoo is one of the best ones you will ever try. How I love using is turn my hair upside down, this position helps spread the shampoo evenly. Then I use a hair mask that is safe to use ons scalp. I never apply just purple shampoo to my hair. I feel like it is to damaging for my fine damaged hair. So I take a little mask, the add the purple shampoo and then start messaging it all over my hair. I literally massage my hair and spread the mixture for like 2 minutes. I wait for 1 more extra minute and then wash off the purple shampoo. Suggested use is to leave it on longer, but I notice some places it stains my hair so I think 2-3 minutes is pretty good for just brightening the hair & getting rid of the brass.
If your hair is really brassy then lave it on for loner, And if it stains the hair use the good old lemon & dish soap trick to get rid of the toner.
Always add another layer of mask, or conditioner after rinsing off the purple shampoo. Give your hair the nourishment back. Personally I use a overnight mask after purple shampoo. My hair feels soft & it is bright the next day!

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