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Finally found the vitamins & supplements that I enjoy taking…

I don’t know about you, but I have always had the hardest time takin vitamins. Overall taking any tablets is a bit hard for me until recently I realized I cannot continue basically loosing hair & be tired at all times just because I’m refusing to take vitamins that my body needs. So after trying many different ones I finally have supplements that help me achieve glowy skin, amazing hair growth & boost my energy level.

For my Skin
Elemis Pro-Collagen Skin Future Anti-Aging Supplements is what I’ve been taking. Help combat the visible signs of aging. It improves skin plumpness, luminosity, firmness, elasticity, smoothness, periorbital dark circles, lines & wrinkles. You can see the result just after eight weeks which is absolutely amazing. You can purchase this supplement directly from Elemis however QVC has a better deal.

For my hair
Ouai Thick & Full Hair Supplements have been such a game changer. I got my hair highlighted just under 2.5 months ago & I’m already due for another session as my hair is growing so much quicker. It is a vegan supplement that supports healthy hair with ingredients like biotin & pea shoot extract that promote thicker & fuller hair. Most importantly it does not have any flavor to it.

For my energy
I used to take prenatal, as it not only helped me with energy & my vitamins it also helped me a lot with growing my hair longer & stronger. However recently I switched it to Rituals Essential for Women Multivitamin 18+ . It supports brain health, bone health, blood building & antioxidant support! I get the mint favored one as it is so much easier for me to swallow.

In addition to my supplement I take doxycycline as well for my rosacea which can only be prescribed via your doctor.

I store all of my daily vitamins in this beautiful & boujee cadence days of the week magnetic and leakproof  Capsule bundle however amazon as so many nice ones that you can carry with you in a pack or just a daily one.

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