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Dear NoteBlair,

There is nothing that makes me smile more than a beautiful arrangment of flowers! If you have been following me for a while you know that every Sunday I change the flowers all around the house & get fresh flowers. No smell will ever come close to smell of fresh roses on a crispy Sunday morning. It makes the morning coffee session million times better!

This Sunday I have the most beautiful arrangement of flowers in the most beautiful box with the help of J’Adore Les Fleurs. Can we just pause for a second & admire the beauty of this bouquay? I wish you could smell it! The whole living room smells like a rose garden.’

J’Adore Les Fleurs offers fresh flowers in a beautiful box .They also offer The everlasting roses that are preserved roses that last from 6 months up to a year.

J’Adore Les Fleurs currently has 3 stores which are listed below.Soon they will add another location & also they will be lunching they website soon and will start taking order online and ship nationwide.

  • 11030 Ventura Blvd Studio City Phone#818-763-2989
  • 1100 S Central Ave Glendale Phone#818-244-2233
  • 542 Palisades Dr Pacific Palisades Phone#310-463-8883

On regular days, they can accommodate orders for the same days if they are not too busy. However, they suggest at least 2-3 days in advance notice, so that they can make sure that they have all the special flowers that the customer wants. Keep in mind for holiday season It’s the best to order at least a week in advance since they are very busy.

When buying or ordering flowers It is important to me that I can customize the flowers they way I like them. For example the color the type of the flower and also the arrangement of it.You can for sure do a special order with them & that was what attracted me the most. I told them I liked pale pinks and whites and that I love roses & I let the design of the flowers to the designer since I trust their vision. Just keep in mind that the designer has an amazing taste and it is the best if you give them direction & trust they will make the best arrangement for you.


The smallest box they have is the mini box. Those are not for sale individually, they come either: in pair with a medium box ( $50 + for the mini box and $120 + for the medium box) or in sets of 6 and more ( with $50 + again for each mini box)

The medium size boxes are the ones that they sell individually – and the start price is $120 +. So you could say that our base price is $120. From there they go up based on the customer’s budget, size of the arrangement, the type of flowers used ( premium flowers cost more) etc.

The large boxes start at $200 and go up again based on mentioned above factors.(my box is the large box)

TheGrandiose Box is their largest box and they start at $700.

I want to thank the AMAZING team of J’Adore Les Fleurs for the most beautiful flowers.

October , 22 2017




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