I recently became a light packer! I know I’m as shocked as you are but how well miracles happen every day! LOL Anyways I pretty much became a pro in packing only essentials & items that I’m 99% sure I will be using. So here is my noun negotiable when traveling.

Obviously it is not smart to take them in their big jars. I love this compact one that you can fill in with everything you will need.

+ Rosacea medicine
+ Pain killer
+ Allergy pills
+ Liquid IV– I don’t drink enough water when I’m traveling so this is a must!
+ Daily women’s vitamin – I tried to skip them but I can see massive difference when I’m not taking them.
+ Emergency C powder – Just the air & weather change can cause illness so these are great for boosting your immune system.


+ Makeup – I keep things very simple when traveling. Here is everything I packed in my travel makeup bag this year.

+ Brush holder – love how this keeps things clean & also you can use it on your vanity when you get to your destination. It also is adjustable in height so all your brushes will fit in.

+ Skin care – I keep it super simple when I’m traveling.

Ideally I will take mini of the items I’m using at the moment or this summer friday’s set is absolutely amazing as well.

+ Tanning products
This one is not going to be essentials for everyone but as we know I’m a self tan girlie for life. So wherever I’m going I’m taking my St. Tropez Luxe Body Serum, tan tonic glow drops , tan build up remover mitt & tan applicator.

+ Under-eye patches – Not sleeping properly, drinking & all the fun activities make my under not so pretty. So these under eye patches are a must. If you can keep them in fridge that is definitely more helpful.

+ Hair products– dry shampoo, heat protectant, mask, treatment, oil & shampoo. If I don’t have the travel size I use these containers. As for tools I only pack my curling iron as most of the times hotels have blow dryers.

+ Body care– razor, deodorant , personal care, body wash & perfume.

Travel makeup mirror – hotels usually have really bad lighting so this is essential.


+ iPAD – I can read my books here & also watch my favorite shoes & also work.

+ Headphones – a MUST!

+ Waterproof phone pouch


Wrinkle release spray & steamer

+ 8 Set Packing Cubes

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