| MY PACKING TIPS- how to pack light|

I have always been that girl that packs like I’m moving! After spending a lot of $$ on extra luggage I started forcing myself to get better at packing light or even sometimes packing only a carry-on. It makes traveling so much easier & less stressful. Here’s what works for me:

+ Get a decent sized carry-on. Not one of those little tiny tiny ones that barely fits a laptop.

+ Use a big tote bag as your “personal item”

+ I have my travel toiletries packed with investing in minis so it is ready to go at all times.

+ Wear your heaviest or largest item on the plane such as jackets

+ Plan every single look that you are going to wear & do your best to repurpose some pieces. It helps to stick to a certain color palette so you can mix & match items easily. (Pro tip: Take a picture of your outfit with bag, shoes & accessories as a referral)

+ Use packing cubes & instead of stacking roll all your clothes. This helps with the space.

+ As you are doing your makeup start packing so you don’t miss anything & also try to use products that you can repurpose. (like blush that can be lipstick & eyeshadow)

+ Pack your heaviest items in your tote or carry on.

& lastly truly think logical when packing & don’t pack items that you “might” use. I know easier said than done but I promise you it is possible.

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