Dear Noteblair, 

I have no personality if I don’t have my tan on & no I’m not joking about it I’m very serious! I got into self tanning a lot in the past 3-4 years! Before that I was that reckless girl who would use tanning beds,  or lay under the sun for hours! I literally cringe when I think about what I put my skin through!!! After many years of trial & error,  many orange or green,  patchy & sticky tanning years I finally got my routine down to perfection! Here are my top #3 tips on self tanning at home.

Prep your skin
This is so deep…So are you ready?! A lot goes into the prep & yes every step is essential for a flawless looking tan! Start with smoothing the skin. Shave & exfoliate! Use an exfoliating glove or scrub. After scrubbing give your skin rest for 10-12 hours & then apply your fake tan. Before going in with your tanning product,  apply moisturizer on your feet,ankles, knees, hands & elbows.

Keep your skin hydrated
Generally speaking tanning does dry out your skin a little bit more than usual so always try to hydrate your skin! It helps your tan with the longevity of the tan & also helps the tan to fade smoother & not look patchy. Apply a body cream every day to your entire body! If you are a body oil lover like I am, try to use it 2-3 days after your initial application as the oil disturbs the tan & the tan fades faster. I love adding few drops in my body cream when I have a tan on instead of going in directly with just an oil. The day before exfoliating & applying tan I go in directly with the oil as not only it hydrates, it also helps to remove the remaining of tan.

Use a Mitt
It makes the biggest difference! I have tried applying it with hands gloves & even sponges or brushes! The best ones are the velvety tanning mitts! they distributes the products so well & it doesn’t soak up to much product! My favorite one is Gló by Lydia! This velvety tanning mitt is absolutely game changer. Her set comes with back applicator as well which is very easy to use & it’s super soft! She also has exfoliating glove that are one of a kind! they are not harsh but get’s rid of all the remaining tan & gives you a blank canvas to work with.

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