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Dear NoteBlair,

YouTube has been a huge part of my life for the past 7 years, I learned how to do my wings eyeliner, I learned how to cook, Learned how to deal with anxiety & learned to be myself in this world! I owe o all the YouTubers who inspired me & motivated me! It was so hard to narrow them down but I will explain why I love each and everyone!

January 11,2017

Pointlessblog -Alfie Deyes

His Daily vlogs are what I get ready with in the morning’s. He just has this positive energy around him that makes me so excited for the day!

Lydia Elise Millen

I don’t think I ever liked a blogger or Youtuber more than I like her! Her vlogs are my favorite! She ha beauty & fashion related video’s as well! Her style is so simple yet she makes it so chic!  Her cozy video’s, her passion towards fashion, how humble & cute she is! Her videos honestly warm my heart & I learn words like Snuggly form her. I’m love her channel & her blog!

YouTube channel


Watching her grow on her channel was the most amazing experience & motivation! she didn’t ever give up and she made it work! from getting ready in her mom’s room until living in a gorgeous house it is all inspiring to never give up on your dreams! Her pallet is my #1 go to makeup palate. Having a collaboration with Missguided was another unforgettable moments of her! Not only she has an amazing YouTube channel also she has a blog on fashion & beauty as well! Her style is always on trend!


Desi Perkins

It’s all about her funny & friendly personality! It is no surprise that she got the title of ” BEST Friend” she truly is! Her snapchat makes you be involved in her life, her YouTube channel is full of amazing tips & tricks of makeup! there is no dull moment with this beauty!

Tanya Burr

Not only she has tips on make up, hauls, she is the reason I ever cook or bake! Having 2 published books & an amazing followers is all because she is the sweetest human being! Not only her YouTube channel but her Blog is amazing photo diary of her trips & eventful days!


Zoella- Zoe Sugg

Like the other 10 million I’m just a fan who enjoys every single video! It can be the longest chaty video just her talking to the camera & I would love it! One of the main reasons is that she dealt with anxiety, still is & her tips & sharing how she tries to overcome & work with it in he lifestyle is what inspires me! Her Vlog channel is my favorite of all! I get excited about December only because her vlogs are my favorite during Christmas!

Vlog Channel

Negin Mirsalehi

I was born & raised in Iran. when I came across a Persian girl who is so successful in fashion industry it was so inspiring for me! She started her channel only in 2016 but soon she came my favorite weekly YouTuber! Her blogs just inspire me that despite her busy schedule she always makes sure she have a good time!


Jaclyn Hill

The queen of highlighters! I latterly learned all my makeup skills from her! Everything that I know is thanks to her!


Very proud of 2 Armenian gorgeous women who are running ModaMob! their amazing DIY , tips & tricks of makeup & their product reviews are the best!


Lauren Elizabeth

The funniest YouTuber that I know! Every time I’m not having a good day her video’s cheer me up & make me happy! she ha makeup tips, fitness,  lifestyle, cooking, beauty, hauls, home décor & vlogs!


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  1. blair
    April 24, 2017 / 10:02 PM

    I think so too! I hope one day I will become one!

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