Dear Noteblar, 

Sitting at my new cosy corner which is by the fireplace & in front of the Christmas tree it made me think of all the new beginnings I’m excited to experience this year! Honestly it has been a few weeks I’m already thinking about my ideas , plans & just generally designing how I want my 2021 to look like… Am i scared yes?! because 2020 was nothing like how I imagined it would be! Not only this was the case for me but it was for most of you!
But one thing I would always proudly say is that I’m one of the most optimistic people out there! I just live for new beginnings. Either thats a Monday,  a new month,  a new calendar year or even beginning of every blog post! They are all new opportunities that we are mostly in control of.
Well 2020 we were not in control but still I think it was one of the best years! I learned a lot about myself,  my skills ,  my emotions ,  my vision, my exceptions from life & myself! I think 2020 was the year that proved everyone they can go though a global pandemic & still shine! I know of people who finally started their dream job & people who finally had the opportunity to slow down in life & appreciate what is around them!
One way or another it was a different year & the optimists in me is saying it was different in a good way!
With that being said, I’m extremely excited to carry everything I’ve learned about myself & life into the new year. I feel like I’m more prepared & I have a clear vision of what I want this year to be! From personal to business I have created my vision board & I can’t tell you how excited it makes me every time I lay my eyes on it!
I always say people are alive with HOPE! If you don’t have it then how do you create purpose ? I really hope this year is everything we all want it to be! We are all stronger than the year before so it should be easier & if you are anything like me & you learned everything you don’t like in 2020 so your vision of what you love is right in front of you!
Speaking of things we love…! Because of those things I wanted to chnage few things in my life! They might not be extremely big things but I have noticed how they positively effect my life so why not do more of them! I know it is such a cliché when you hear “New year,  new me” & as much as I always love growing & changing thing for better but I don’t believe in new me…I rather say better me!

Now on to how am I going to better myself in 2021…

I have few things in mind! Nothing big but effective! I’ve already started few of this little habits in my life & have seen a massive difference in my performance, in my happiness & overall quality of life so why not do more of it!

I’m planning on waking up earlier this year! There is just something super calming & magical about getting up early, before the world is up,  grab a coffee & getting things done! By the time world wakes up well most of my to do list is already done & I’m ready for to deal with life better. I like that me time in the morning to do my morning routine which includes reading a book, getting a workout in, eat breakfast, get ready for the day…

Another resolution is reading more books! I got thrown off of my morning routine a lot this year! I tried to keep up with it & did my best for most of the year, however by October my routine was destroyed! I love walking up early & reading a motivational book or listen to a podcast that teaches me a thing or two! Not any motivational book tho,  I don’t like reading unrealistic books! I like to read things that are relatable! I will link few of my favorite ones below. My goal is to read 4-6 books a month & I already have placed some orders on Amazon!
For someone like me who loves routines & likes everything to have a schedule I’m planning on being more organize! I usually have an idea on how my day will be looking like but I want to schedule it down by the hour! I like being on top of my day specially when you are self employed it is so easy to mess up your day & get distracted. So I’m planning on being even more organized in my business & also personal life.
This might come as a shock considering that social media is my job, however I have massively reduce my social media time this year & I’m even planning on reducing it even more! I have put a time limit on my phone for my social media apps. At the beginning it was so hard to keep that discipline & actually not use my phone when I reached the limit but little by little I got used to it & now exactly on the dot when it says my limit is done it is almost end of the day! I want to consume less & create more! I’m not sure if I touched on this topic before or no, but I think as a creator it messes up my mind & not in a good way. I like to stay in m own lane & do things purely out of my soul & I have noticed consuming too much social media sometimes messes that up!
& lastly beside trying to be the best daughter, friend, girlfriend,  friend or even influencer I want to be a better me! a better Blair! Work on my weaknesses & see if I can change them for better! This is not an easy road & I’m very scared to even think about the limited that I have push but I think there is always space to grow as a person! So I want it to be a growing year even if the progress is small it is still progress!
I want to get back to my workout routine as well. I worked out almost every day in 2020 up until September! It was amazing! I just felt better for it! After my weight loss surgery I lost a lot of muscle & strength so I really wanted to gain a little more of strength! I want to get back to moving my body more & gaining back my strength.
I read this quote few days and it said ” You can mute people in real life as well ” & I’m taking that very seriously! I have not always been the one who put boundaries for people! In the past couple of years I learned just because I can handle a lot I shouldn’t! So I’m proudly being a difficult women this year more than ever! I want real connections, real support,  real friendships & relationships! because I do give all of that from bottom of my heart & I deserve to be treated the same way! It is not selfish to take care of your mental health! I know what kind of person I am & if there comes a time I’m in a situation I feel like the boundaries that I have are being broken I have no problem leaving that situation & never coming back!

I really hope this year is a year of growth & happiness for all of us! We all have been though so much in 2020 & thats funny that we think a calendar year will change everything but I love new beginnings & doing the best you can in your situation so let’s do our best!

Happy new year everyone! Wishing you a year full of new beginnings, happiness,  success & love!

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