Dear Noteblair, 

In the beginning of 2020 when the pandemic first hit,  just like many of you I started organizing the house & also started cooking more than usual! The combination of organizing & cooking more resulted in upgrading & updating few items in the kitchen & fast forward to now,  I actually can’t believe it but I have tools in the kitchen that I absolutely love & get a lot of use out of them! So here are my favorite kitchen tools!

Cooking & serving utensils
I think there is nothing that excited me more that utensils while cooking! I basically cook only to be able to use them! Specially now that they are so pretty! Gold & white combo is just so chic & stunning. Beside being gorgeous they actually work so well! I was not sure if they will be actually functional or they will be more of a display items but all of them work so well! I love the gold & white cooking tools,  the gold serving utensils are so chic & the silicon while with gold handle cooking utensils are so easy to use & looks so chic if you would like to display it on your countertop.

Small countertop Oven
Ours is an older model & I definitely have this in my wish list however it is almost the same! I can’t tell you how much we use this oven! Since we have such a small kitchen we literally use our big oven as a storage & also for every small meal turning on the big oven seems like a lot of hassle so we went with this one that we use it to bake cake, toast bread & cook meals in it! it is big enough to make a meal in it and small enough to take a corner of our kitchen. We use it on a daily & couldn’t recommend it enough!

Clear Glass kettle
Mine is not the same as this one, sadly mine is out of stock however I think any kitchen that uses a kettle on stove needs a glass one! They look so chic & no matter what color your kitchen is they go perfectly with it!

Storage Jars
One of the best investments for any pantry or kitchen. I don’t have my jars on display for the time being but every time I open my pantry I’m like YES! It looks so chic,  aesthetically pleasing & also I can find anything I want so much quicker. If you want to take it to the next level get some custom labels & make them look even more pretty. I would highly advise first pouring the products in then labeling them just to make sure the size of the jar is correct. I love this set specially because it has different sizes.

Nespresso Vertuo Next 
This machine gave me a lot of problems at first but thankfully it is fixed now! Nespresso had to replace my old machine with a new one and so far the new one has been working great! If you are a coffee drinker you will absolutely love this! I went with a rose gold one for no reason besides the fact that it looks chic! I have my regular pods & also I love that they do half caffeinated or decaffeinated pods as well!

Bamboo dividers
One of the best hacks for organized kitchen & even closet organization are these bamboo dividers that can be customized for any drawer! I don’t have nay utensils on display so this is perfect to organize the utensils in the drawer.

Bamboo Tray
Another fantastic utensils organizer that we use for our daily utensils. It is an amazing quality & keeps everything very organized. I prefer this ones over the plastic ones as sometimes the plastic ones chnage color ever time.

Measuring spoon & Strainer set
With all the baking I have been doing these have been a lifesaver! & of course I had to go with a gold one! Same thing with the strainer set, I have been using it lot in baking! It doesn’t change color & the quality is amazing!

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