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I know the party season is over,  but to me there is always a reason to celebrate & create beautiful tablescapes! From birthdays to wedding or even just a dinner for two I take every opportunity I get to set up the table nicely!
I like to go with a theme most of the times & based on the theme I choose colors & flowers! The remaining of the table is fairly easy since you can use some basic items & let the flowers & decorations be the focal point. I almost use the same plates & utensils every single tablescape however since I change up how i decorate the centerpiece & the napkins it looks different! So here are some items you will need to set up any table!

Table runner

Gives table a structure! You can use a sheer fabric from Joans or Michels. Use a semi long one and let it hang from the sides. You can also get so many themed table runners from target or Homegoods if you are going for a specific event such as thanksgiving or Christmas eve. One of my favorite table runners is actually using flowers & greenery to create a runner. You can even use garland.

Glass Vases

Obviously depending on how big or how many flower arrangements you are doing you will need some vases. If you are doing couple of them just go in with large vases, depending on your setup I love going for round & square the most! When it comes to more flowers I like going in with small vases and spreading them throughout the table.

Candle holders

Again depending on your theme you can change the style or the color of the candle holders but candles are essential for any dinner party! They just set the mood! I love having some clear ones because they go with almost every theme & I also can use any color candle I want with them. mix some tall ones with some short tea-light candles if you have space.


They are not essential, however they make your table look very chic! They just elevate the look. If you have a lot of decorations on the table I would say go with super simple ones to not make your table look busy and messy. However you can go all out and use some extra ones if your table if fairly simple.


Depending on the occasion I sometimes use disposable plates! Yes.. & they look so chic & trust me my guests don’t notice it until they are using it! Make sure you get some good quality ones that won’t break! There is just so many colors & designs available for disposable & the one thing I love about it the most (no it is not the fact that I don’t have to wash them ) it is that you can change them according to your event! If you don’t want to use disposable for an important event & you don’t want to invest in let’s just say for a blue plate that you will never use again, look for some rentals near you! They are pretty affordable & usually with tons of options to choose from.
My go to plates if it is not disposable are my Mercer dinner plates from Crate and barre. They look different from an ordinary plate so it looks chic with any theme.

Disposable options


Depending on your occasion you can choose your glasses. I only go for one or max two when I have guests over. I don’t like to make the table look messy. I always have some clear ones near the bar area but for the table I like using glasses that can be used both for wine,  gin & cocktails. The remaining of glasses such as old fashioned glasses & shot ones are usually by the bar.


If by now you don’t know I only go for gold utensils then we cant be friends… (JK) I don’t know what it is with silver ones! They just do it for me! I would sometimes consider the two tones ones but If i have it my way I would go for the gold ones all the time! Just like plates I love going in with disposable ones once in a while. The disposable ones I use are not modern at all but they look so CHIC! I have been though 20 packs of them because these are the only ones I use! Even when I’m helping friends & family to set a table I use these because they are that good!

Disposable options


You can go fancy if you want & use these linen ones I recently purchased from Target & I’m obsessed with them or you can go the disposable route!You can even make custom made ones! The options are endless. Watch some YouTube videos on how to decorate your plate with napkins & you will be shocked how gorgeous it makes your table to look.


They might not be essentials or everyone but oh they are for me all the time! I just can’t go without it! Everyone around me is already so used to using coasters that when I’m not at their house even they use coasters & I’m honestly very proud! I recently purchased a clear ones that I’m obsessed with it & they will go with a lot of table set ups since they are clear.

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