Dear Noteblair,

I have never noticed the power of essentials until recently…With the weight loss surgery, I have been changing size every single month & it has been a struggle trying to figure out what to wear! I have consistently buying clothes and only wearing them couple of times!
After the 4th month I decided to basically only spend money on basics that I can work around them with sizing so at least they can last me a season, for example I can always tie a T-shirt to make it look smaller, or belt a blazer to make it more slim. These few items everyone needs in their wardrobe & you can add bold & statement pieces to change up the looks. Since these are items that you can switch up with other items I would suggest spending a little bit more money on < If you are changing sizes don’t> because you will get the wear out of it!

everyone needs a good skinny jeans basic denim! I would say go for the ripped one but like not too ripped! You want it to look street style but in a classy way! If you are like me and your legs are short go for a one that shows off your ankle. It gives an illusion of longer legs!

Leather leggings
This might be a little more of a fall & winter staple but nevertheless it is a must have! Leather leggings are so chic looking & they elevate every look! Even with sweaters & a pair of sneakers they look so good!

I’m not much of a T-shirt person & I have been trying to find T-shirts that are my style a bit challenging. I wish I was one of those people who looked good in just a simple V neck but I truly don’t! So a little bit of a glam T-shirt is the way to go for me. Either a testament neckline or statement sleeve can look so chic & wore so many different ways.

From chic to street style you can always style a good basic blazer! Either over your shoulder, belting it or wearing it! There is so many ways you can mix and match blazer, you can even wear it on top a dress & give texture!

Black skirt
I won’t suggest going for the mini one but it is not as versatile as the midi one! With T-shirt, bodysuit or even crop tops you can always style a basic skirt. you can have a chic look on top and add heels for more of a night time look, & you can wear sneakers & basic T for more of a casual look.

Black heels
It is difficult for me to admit that black shoes get more use out of them than nude shoes because I’m such a nude kinda girl! However black heels are always essentials!

This is were I would say splurge! A very simple outfit looks so chic & elevated with a high end handbag!Even if it is not a high end backpack, spend a little time on finding a handbag that is your style & is a little bit of a statement item.

White bottom down shirt
an office look or a beach cover up! It is so Versailles & can be used few different ways. My favorite is wearing it under a strappy top or underneath sweater & having the collars out. It also makes the cutest swimsuit cover up.

White sneakers
I’m not much of a sportswear myself but recently been wearing my simple white sneakers from asos which I got for $25 nonstop! they are just so easy to style, either with skirt, short or jeans! You can get a wear out of them all year long!

Black dress
It is the easiest outfit that can be worn in so many different ways! With a blazer or a sweater on top! You can never go wrong with a simple black dress!

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