Dear Noteblair,

There is nothing that helps me stay on top of my sh*t other than a really good routine! Specifically in the mornings. It sets my whole mood for the day & how I react to everything happening in the day. I always say you can’t control other peoples behavior or things that happen in life or business, you can only control how you will react to them. & if I don’t do my routine the chances are I won’t be ready to deal with LIFE. I created this little routine because it just feels good, puts me in a good mood & preps me for a hectic day ahead. I hope this tips help you have a better start to your day.

Not checking my phone until I’m done with my routine
This is one of my major tips! checking my phone litterly stresses me out. Even tho it is my job to be on my phone but I want to put myself first before putting others to be able to be the best version of myself. I only use my phone in the morning to put a podcast on. I leave my phone on do not disturb to not get any notifications until I’m ready. I don’t want to be bothered by anything related to work until I’m ready to deal with them.This includes not even checking social media!

Listen to something that is calming & motivational
I love listening to bossa nova in the mornings while I’m doing my skincare or making breakfast. If I have to leave the house in the morning I listen to music but if I’m working from home I usually love to listen to podcast. Some of my favorite podcasts to listen to are The skinny confidential him & her , Ed Mylett show , Tony Robbins podcast

Take your time getting ready for the day
Unfortunately this means waking up early…on shoot days I normally have to be ready by 8AM…which means waking up at least 2-3 hours earlier because one thing that can ruin my day fully is rushing into getting ready or rushing somewhere. I always want to get ready in my own paste. Rushing rises the cortisone level which no one needs! sleep early so you can wake up on time to have few hours to yourself. My morning time is my time & some of the most successful people always take this time as their me time.

• Start your day by doing what you truly enjoy
I’m a huge coffee person. I love taking my time drinking coffee & doing whatever I truly enjoy doing not related to work. I read books, go though magazine & sometimes I watch YouTube. i don’t spend hours doing it but I love spending 10-15 minutes starting my day with something that I truly enjoy.

Masking & multitasking
While having my coffee & reading book I love wearing a face mask to nourish my face. specially this time of the year my skin is super dry so I apply a hydrating sheet mask & enjoy my 10-15 minutes of pure happiness.

Schedule your day ahead & check you calendar every morning
Every morning i check my schedule to know what needs to be done & how my day is going to look like. I prep myself for that day because each day is different. for example of I’m not shooting then I don’t need to spend time on makeup.

my main advise will be take care of you before you start dealing with anything else you can have the energy and mindset to deal with your entire day.

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