| What’s in my Carry on-Red eye edition |

Dear NoteBlair,

Knowing exactly what you will need specially if you have a long flight ahead of you can be a little bit stressful. Mostly when I had to travel it was a long distance and I was in the plain for 8-15 hours. Along the way I learned items that are my must haves during long flight. Have a safe flight & don’t forget to have a blast!



August 19 2016

HEADPHONE:  nothing is more annoying that hearing all the random noises in the plain. having good headphones will block out all the noises around you and you can focus on whatever you want to do either its listening to music, watching a movie or listening to audio books.

SNACK: Nothing is worst that being hungry and not having anything to snack on. i like to pack a protein bar or a banana so if I get hungry I can snack on it.

EYE MASK: over night flights are the best for sleeping and getting to your distention refreshed and ready to explore. eye masks come in handy specially if you are sitting next to someone who wants the reading light on. you can put your masks on and sleep.

IPAD OR LAPTOP: different airplanes offer different movies and programs. its always convenient to have your own show to watch.

FACIAL SPRAY: plains and filching in generally can be very drying for the skin. the pressure of the hight sucks in all the hydration of the skin and facial sprays can help hydrate your skin and avoid dehydration.

GUM: nothing is worst than sitting next to someone who has a bad breath. This is something for people around you more than its for you. Having a fresh breath during a flight is a MUST.

FACE MASK: My skin is very dry to begin with and flying makes it more dry. a deep hydrating mask is mandatory for me. some people feel shy to put it on but trust me on overnight flights specially everyone is asleep and that 15-20 minute will not hurt you but you skin will thank you.

HAND CREAM: Airplanes are known for being center of germs. so i use a lot of wet ones to disinfect my table and handles. using the wet ones make my hands dry so I always need to have a hand cream with me at all times.



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