| Why you need to Steam your face |

Dear Noteblair,

A beauty tool that i can’t stop using, specially in colder months has been my facial steamer. If you are unfamiliar with my skin, I have mostly dry & super sensitive skin with rosacea. The dryness of my skin causes my pores to not be open which has it ups and downs. Overall if i don’t steam, my skin looks dull & dehydrated. I know for people with rosacea it is not a great idea to steam, but I still would say do it but not with hot steam or just keep the steamer a little bit far away from your face. I want to break it down for you guys on why you need a facial steamer & how to use it.


It’s cleansing
Steam opens up pores & helps loosen any buildup of dirt caused by environment or makeup. & makes the cleansing process easier.
Makes you glow
The warmth of the steam makes the blood flow & it nutritious skin for a health glow.
Clears the skin
Opening up your pores allows all the bacteria & dirt that causes breakouts & acne to to be cleansed.
Provides Hydration
It increases the oil production of the skin. But the kind of oils you want! Skincare products abort better
Sometimes the skin is so congested that no matter how effective your skincare products are it won’t work because it is not even being absorbed by your skin. Steaming causes the pores to open up and specially after deep cleansing the skin the pores absorb the skincare better & skincare works more efficiently.
Anti aging
The steam creates more collegian and elastin and as a result skin looks younger 7 plumper.
It helps with sinus congestion
Specially when you caught the col it is the best feeling. you can drop some essentials oils in your steamer & it will be very soothing.

Different ways you can steam your face

Steam over a bowl or sink
Bring 4-6 cups of water to boil or if you tap water gets extremely hot then just fill your sink with hot water. Grab a towel & drape it over your head so the steam is trapped between you & the sink. If the water is too hot it can feel uncomfortable so take the towel off just so you can breath normal air. This is my favorite way of steaming when traveling & i don’t have access to my steamer. steam for 5-10 minutes.

To steam with hot towels
I do this almost every night when washing my face. I use a balm & bamboo towel to take my makeup off. after washing my face i take the towel and run it under hot water. I drain the water and put the towel on my face for few seconds. I repeat this process 4-5 times. this is a perfect way of always keeping your skin hydrated.

Using Facial Steamers
Probably the most used beauty tool that I’m so obsessed with! With this cold months and my dry skin, steaming is such a lifesaver for me. My skin is so dry that sometimes I get dry patches & those are not cute at all! But even if your skin is oily you still want to steam. because your skin might have extra sebum & that might be causing the breakouts. Also when skin is dehydrated, it causes extra oil production so that might be a reason that your skin might be oily as well.
For facial steamers its pretty easy to use. My biggest advise is to use a filter water in your steamer. It makes the life of your steamer longer. My steamer holds 3 OZ water. I steam my face until the water runs out & if it is extremely dry I would go for another round but for sure taking a 1-2 minute break between.

Steaming your face will litterly change you entire makeup and skincare routine. It is a facial at home experience that is so calming & also effective. Always make sure your pores are clean & the easiest way to do is steaming and exfoliating your skin to get rid of unwanted dirt and dead skin.

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