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Dear Noteblair,

Do you believe in new years resolutions?!
I’m not all about that new year new me…but i am all about a fresh start! That fresh start can be every morning when you wake up…It can be in the middle of the day, it can be anytime you decide it to be!
This year it is a bit different, as we are starting a new decade!
Over on social media I have been seeing everyone posting about how they started this decade and how they are finishing it. As for me if we are talking 2010…It was my first year of living in LA. A lost girl who had no plans, no clue on what she was doing, almost no friends & all of a sudden hit by reality of adulthood!
10 years later, I see a smart, driven, successful, humble & kind human! Anything can happen in one day, imagine how many things can happen in one decade or even one year!
I have never been about writing down my goals! because I have always been scared of failing and not being able to exceed my own expectations! I really dislike (trying to not use the word hate) setting myself up for a failure that is why I am a huge planner now! But this year I want to push myself out of my own comfort zone because no one grows as a human if we always stay comfortable.
2019 was a year of many unexpected things for me…I did a lot of things I never thought I would. Physically & mentally I faced challenges that I never thought I had to go through or even I was strong enough to come out of it but guess what I did & I couldn’t be happier! I couldn’t be happier that I learned so many new things about myself, I couldn’t be happier because i finally decided to set myself free & do things purely for me!& before you say it no it is not selfish! Self care & self love is not only drinking water & taking a bath or applying face mask…Self care is carrying for your mental & physical health as much as you care about how you look. It is such a rewarding feeling to do what is best for you & being okay with what you gain or what you lost. You are the best judge of your life & for so long I didn’t do what is best for me because I didn’t want to be unkind. But I was being unkind to myself!
I didn’t need a new year to change something major in my life, I decided and I did it! So don;t wait for that calendar date to do what you always wanted to do, do it as soon as you feel it in your heart that is the right thing to do.

As for me, I decided to write down thing I would like to active in 2020…I’m a huge fan of visualization & I want to read this post every day to remind me of the life I’m creating.

Worry less
By nature I worry about everything , either it is related to me or not i worry to much about which causes me to stress & we all know stress is no goof for skin or for mental health 🙂 If i can’t change it then I shouldn’t be worry about it, and if I can change it I want to promise myself to do change it instead of worrying about it no matter how difficult the situation is.

Have more patient
Some people might say I tolerate a lot and that is true, I can tolerate a LOT! but it is not the same as having patient…Not having patient is one of my flaws that I would like to change not only in 2020 but in my life. When I want something I want it right there & that sometimes causes me to make decisions that I regret later! As much as I love this driven characteristic about myself I want to have the patient to calmly think about everything & then make a decision.

Improve in my business
Noteblair became a huge part of my life & It brought me a joy that I never thought it will feel so good to do what you love! It became a huge part of my life & you guys made it possible for me to create every single day! you guys gave me a platform to share my daily life, my love for fashion & beauty & together we created noteblair! I want to do better, do more & be a resource for you all. I’m going to create more content from fashion, to beauty & lifestyle. 2 youtube videos, 2 blog posts & 4 Instagram posts is what I’m aiming to achieve!

Save money
I don’t want to say I was reckless with my money but I wasn’t the smartest in the past year. I have always loved shopping & of course with this being my job I always had the “excuse” to shop! But this year I have decided instead of recommending you guys 10 items to buy, I would show you how to style one items many different ways. It is just unnecessary to spend all this money in clothing, skincare or beauty products. I want to use up everything before moving on to the next thing. & get the worth out of the money I spent on that clothing or accessory.

Say no when needed & push to say yes if needed
A bit confusing one but I want to say no more often. out of kindness & purely for being undrestanding and supportive I many time said yes to thing that I truly don’t enjoy! It puts me in misery & I keep thinking why would I do this to myself! being supportive and kind is a great quality of mine but I need to learn it’s okay to say no as well…
Saying yes because sometimes I’m truly scared to say yes that are not in my total control…That unknown scares me and this year I learned to not let me scare me as much. The outcome is what I make out of it & no matter what I know I will always do my best to make something great out of every situation.

Be healthier
I have struggled with health issues for many years now & finally in the past year I started taking actions towards it. Both physically & mentally I’m going to take care of myself more. I will be eating better & finally I’m starting to workout. I’m so excited to sweat you guys have no idea! one of my biggest inpos on healthy living has been Annie Jaffrey for me & she always inspires me to eat good food & always stay active.

Be more flexible
I’m the first one to admit & trust me I wish changing it was easier said than done. I love plans and I have never been a go with flow kinda girl! I try so many times but going back to that unknown thing, it scares me not to know what will happen so I always like to play it safe. I’m trying very hard to be okay with change, to be okay with unexpected things & being the control freak that I am be al little bit more flexible when things don’t go according to my plan. Because others have plans too & the world Doesn’t evolve only around me!

Keep my room & space more organized
I’m one of the most organized yet unorganized people I know. Specially when it comes to my room, desk & work closet! In December I mentioned over on my vlog that I am declutter and keeping only items that i need. Not only I’m running out of space but I truly forget what I have and never get the use out of them! I have decided to not pille clothes on my bed, put things back after using & always make sure my room is tidy and clean. Another important thing, I need to make my bed every single morning! Holding myself accountable to for this!

Do more good-Be kinder
I used to think every single human is the kindest! i learned this the hard way, the sad truth is that not everyone has the best intention in mind! I have always had a good heart & I will proudly say it! I know what kind of a human I am & no matter how many people did me wrong I have always tried to be kinder in return. I’m not planning on changing that ever! I’m going to be kinder, more undrestanding & more accepting of others! What goes around comes around!

Live life through my eyes, Not the camera lens
This is the hardest given the fact that every minute of the day is an opportunity for me to create content….I have learned this in a hard way! When my Instagram account got hacked and I didn’t have Instagram for 10 days it truly taught me how much time I spend online! I want to live in the moment more & enjoy everything at the moment! Yes I might lose on sone chances to create content but I am human before I am noteblair! I will have more social media blackout days & remember the life outside of social media & work.

Start the process to buy my dream house
Yes I dream big, but I work hard for it as well! I have been thinking about buying my dream house for a while now & I majorly believe in manifesting and putting it into universe! I have always dreamed about it and haven’t started any process or even started actively looking! I want this year to be the year that I start looking for my dream house and financially bring myself to a place to be able to buy my dream house.

Fall in Love
A question that I get most asked on is my relationship status! I have focused so much on my work, health & everything in between that sometimes I even forget about my personal life but this year I’m going to fall in love ♡

Be Happy
Unconditionally, unapologetically, from bottom of the heart happy! I came a long way for loving myself, accepting myself & truly feeling the kind of happiness that I feel now & I’m planning on every day keeping this happiness & even feeling more happy every day. Happiness comes from within & I promise you no one can make you happy if you are not happy in your heart. If you are unhappy chnage what is bothering you. I know it can be scary, trust me I know! But the reward-the happiness- feels better!

Your fresh start can be whenever you decided it to be. But don’t wait because you can never get back this moment. work hard towards your goals, dream big & no matter how many times you fall, get up & do it again! Old ways won’t open new doors, don’t be scared of trying something new!

Wishing you all a happy new year.
2020 is going to be your year to shine!

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